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125 Best Affiliate Programs & Networks 2022: High Paying for Beginners

  • Updated August 10, 2022
  • Updated August 10, 2022

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Do you want to monetize your blog? 

How about just looking for another online income stream? 

You might want to look into affiliate marketing. 

I’ve compiled some of the best affiliate programs from different categories for your convenience. Just refer to my list below and you can get started building your online income.

Best Overall Affiliate Program

1. Fiverr

Fiverr is the world’s biggest marketplace for online services, making it the most versatile affiliate product to promote. Offering services in every category in digital needs, you have a wider target audience.

Fiverr offers different commission plans for different products. As an affiliate, you can earn:

  • $15-50 CPA from every first-time buyer who purchases service under Fiverr CPA
  • $10 CPA + 10% RevShare under Fiverr Hybrid
  • $150 CPA for all Fiverr Pro services under Fiverr Pro
  • 30% from every course ordered under Learn from Fiverr
  • 50% for every AND.CO Pro plan purchased under AND CO from Fiverr

With all these options, you have more earning potential to explore. This is why I rank Fiverr as the best overall affiliate program.

Best Web Hosting Affiliate Programs

Because every new website requires a host, web hosting offers one of the most popular categories for affiliate marketing. To better promote a product, however, you must be familiar with the tool.

Some of the unique selling points for web hosting are:

  • Rich in features
  • Offers intuitive management system
  • Speed, uptime, and customer support

If it ranks high in all these areas, it will be easier to recommend a web hosting affiliate product to your market.

Below are some of the affiliate platforms I highly recommend.

2. Hostinger

Commission: At least 60% per sale

Payout scheme: May increase over time

Cookie duration: 30 days

Hostinger is known for its speed and affordability, a combination many website owners, especially beginners, look for. This makes this affiliate product easier to market.

As an affiliate, you not only earn the 60% commission but also additional profit when you upsell other hosting packages. There’s no limit to the total amount of commission you can earn.

3. A2 Hosting

Commission: Starting at $55/sale

Payout scheme: concurrent to the number of sales each month

Cookie duration: 90 days

A2 Hosting boasts one of the highest conversion rates in web hosting. Add to this the 90-day cookie, and your chances of making a sale is higher. You can also take advantage of the $5-second-tier commission for every user you refer to the affiliate program.

To help you understand the payout scheme, here’s a breakdown:

  • $55/sale for 1-10 sales
  • $75/sale for 11-15 sales
  • $100/sale for 16-20 sales
  • $125/sale for 21+ sales

So, if you make 25 sales, multiply this to $125 and you get a commission of $3,125.

4. Bluehost

Commission: $65

Payout scheme: Flat fee

Cookie duration: 90 days

Bluehost offers one of the highest commissions among affiliate programs, making it one of the quickest ways to make money online. Even if you only make 1 successful sale in a month, your commission is bigger than some affiliate products pay.

Since over 2 million websites use the web host, it’s easier to promote as well. You don’t need to look far for testimonials or social proof to present to your leads.

5. Cloudways

Commission: $30 up to $200 per sale

Payout scheme: Recurring

Cookie duration: 90 days

Cloudways is an SSD-based hosting website coupled with advanced caches. This means it offers superfast website hosting for a great process. The affiliate program offers high payouts, 3 flexible payout models, and long recurring commissions for their affiliates.

For the one-time payout, you can earn at least $125 per sale based on the performance tier. Additionally, you can use the hybrid model and get at least $30 per sale with a 7% monthly lifetime commission.

6. Kinsta

Commission: Up to $500 for every referral, depending on the plan value, plus 10% monthly recurring lifetime commission

Payout scheme: Signup bonus + 10% recurring

Cookie duration: 60 days

Kinsta provides the best cloud-based hosting for WordPress bloggers. Using Google Cloud and the LXD orchestrated Linux containers, Kinsta is widely considered to be amongst the best-managed hosting providers available for every blogger.

Also, they have a 5% churn rate, ensuring that the customers you bring will likely stick around. Plus, they offer a huge library of promotional logos and banners as well as resources and guides for affiliates.

7. WP Engine

Commission: Up to $200

Payout scheme: Earn a commission for every new client you refer

Cookie duration: 180 days

Another giant in the web hosting industry, WP Engine has been around for a decade, positioning itself to be one of the Premium WordPress hosting providers. It focuses on the niche of selling fast hosting plans to established businesses, bloggers, and companies that need reliable hosting.

The program features pricing tiers and incentives. For 5 sales, you receive an additional $100. For 10 purchases, you are awarded an extra $250. Also, they provide a two-tier program where you can earn up to $50 or any sub-affiliates that you refer to the platform.

Best Recurring Affiliate Programs

Best Affiliate Programs
Although most of the best affiliate programs will offer a one-time CPA payout after a sale, some provide a recurring payout on a monthly basis. This means that the affiliate earns a commission for selling the platform’s services or products on a recurring basis.
Here are some of the top recurring affiliate programs.

8. Kartra

Commission: 40% recurring

Payout scheme: Recurring

Cookie duration: 30 days

Kartra is a powerful, all-in-one platform for setting up checkout carts, building landing pages, and managing lead generation. In terms of payment platforms, it also has one of the best affiliate programs out there.

All affiliates make 40% recurring commissions in addition to the 10% commissions on all the sales generated by the affiliates that you have recruited. For a low monthly price, you also get an email service provider, a membership site, a sales page landing page host and creator, a help desk, and more.

9. Clickfunnels

Commission: 20% – 40%

Payout scheme: Recurring + $100 commission on specific products

Cookie duration: 30 days

ClickFunnels is fast becoming the favorite tool for entrepreneurs around the globe. It allows users to create landing pages and sales pages, offering high conversion rates and allowing entrepreneurs to sell products fast.

Although expensive, the platform is feature-loaded with effective marketing tools so selling is super easy. With their affiliate program, you start by earning 20% for every sale you make. As you bring in more customers, your rates will be upgraded to the 40% lifetime recurring.

10. Ninja Outreach

Commission: 20%

Payout scheme: Lifetime recurring

Cookie duration: 90 days

NinjaOutreach is an all-in-one influencer marketing platform that allows you to create effective influencer marketing campaigns by filtering millions of influencers’ insights.

It makes it easy to connect to influencers and bloggers as well as help with email marketing. Through this platform, marketers can attract both audiences and influencers.

The 20% recurring commission may seem low, but considering the high price of the products, the commissions can easily add up after just a couple of sales.

11. Buzzsprout

Commission: $25 per paid referral, 20% recurring lifetime

Payout scheme: By referral or recurring

Cookie duration: Attribution cookies

If you got a podcast, then you have probably heard of Buzzsprout. It is a podcast hosting company that helps users track and promote their podcasts. The platform offers an excellent marketing manager that helps with content promotions and ideas.  T

Buzzsprout offers a 20% recurring payout and even provides a $20 Amazon gift card to new users to help increase their conversion rates.

12. pCloud

Commission: $70 per referral, 20% recurring

Payout scheme: By referral, recurring

Cookie duration: 45 days

pCloud is a cloud storage service with over 8 million users.

Affiliates of pCloud get paid at least $70 for every new customer they refer to and 20% on each recurring subscription payment. However, keep in mind that the platform only offers lifetime and annual plans, so your recurring commissions are spread out over the year.

You can get paid for all their products including pCloud Premium Plus, pCloud Crypto, pCloud Premium, or pCloud Business.

13. Elegant Themes

Commission: 50% recurring

Payout scheme: Recurring

Cookie duration: 6 months

Elegant Themes is a platform that builds premium WordPress themes, earning high customer satisfaction rates with over 500,000 customers. They offer some of the most popular and widely-used themes in the world, including 87 easy-to-use WordPress themes.

If you are a blogger and recommend Elegant Themes to your readers and send traffic to the platform, you can get a high ticket 50% recurring payout.

14. SEMRush

Commission: 40%

Payout scheme: Recurring

Cookie duration: 10 years

SEMrush is a reliable source of SEO tools, helping marketers and online businesses with their keyword research, search engine optimization, and tracking. Their tool offerings come highly recommended for improving the ranking of websites.

Its affiliate program is an excellent choice for bloggers looking to earn a recurring income via the exclusive affiliate program of SEMrush—BeRush. The platform provides affiliates with tons of marketing tools and sources for all kinds of channels, along with a direct line to an affiliate support team. Plus, they provide flexible payout options.

Highest Paying Affiliate Programs

Revenue Pana

As affiliates, you want the highest paying affiliate programs that best align with your audience. There are many programs out there that literally pay hundreds to thousands of dollars per sale and deal. Here are some of them!

15. Liquid Web

Commission: Minimum of $150 up to $7,000

Payout scheme: Per sale, residual

Cookie duration: 90 days

Liquid Web is a premium, a high-end hosting company with a focus on SMB to Enterprise products. It features exceptional support and servers that offer high uptime. This is why it has gained over 30,000 customers and over a million sites under management.

Their affiliate program features dedicated account managers, a full collection of promoting material, and quarterly newsletters. The platform pays 150% of the monthly billing. You can focus on high-end servers such as the server clusters from Liquid We, offering fewer affiliates writing and ranking content in such narrower niches.

16. Amazing Selling Machine (ASM)

Commission: Up to $2,392 per sale

Payout scheme: Per sale

Cookie duration: 30 days

ASM is an Amazon FBA training program, with a heavy focus on launches. They help build scarcity by opening the program at only specific times.

Unlike other affiliate programs, ASM attracts people who have some money to invest. They will need to purchase inventory, do some advertising at Amazon, and pay for shipping. Thus, ASM leaders are very active and have strong reputations in the community, something other companies can’t claim.

You get paid over $2,000 for every traffic you send to their FREE live training.

17. Wealthy Affiliate

Commission: An average of $121+ per sign-up

Payout scheme: Per referral, recurring

Cookie duration: Lifetime

Wealthy Affiliate is a superb training program for affiliate marketers, helping them build a successful business online. To earn commissions, you need to be a member of the Wealthy Affiliate program.

With the membership plan, you get a free website, boot camp training, one-on-one coaching sessions, a promotional toolbox, classroom lessons, depending on the plan you choose. With an average Free to Paid upgrade conversions that range from 12% overall, this program can convert at 6 times the industry average. In most cases, affiliates convert at more than 30%.

18. Volusion

Commission: Up to $2000

Payout scheme: By referral, recurring

Cookie duration: 90 days

A big competitor of Shopify, Volusion is an eCommerce platform with more than 200,000 customers on-board. It offers 2 programs for affiliates–one for reseller partners and the regular affiliate program.

The reselling program is suitable for website developers and agencies. You get a discount billed by the platform. After that, you bill your customers.

With the affiliate program, you’ll be paid a one-time payment of 200% of the referred customers monthly billing, ranging from $29 to $299 a month. The commission will have a minimum of $58 for personal to over $1,000 for Prime, depending on the configuration.

19. Capitalist Exploits

Commission:  50%

Payout scheme:  By referral

Cookie duration: 365 days

Capitalist Exploits offer exceptional pieces of advice and recommendations for investors or anyone looking to outperform the market by sharing only the best high-reward/low-risk opportunities to subscribers.

Now, if your target audience consists of investors, people interested in investments, high net-worth people, wealth managers, or financial advisors, then this affiliate program is for you.

The program pays a 50% commission on any referred sale without limits. The product rates range from $1,575 to $3,499. With each referral, you can earn a minimum of $787. Besides, affiliates get exclusive access to paid membership trials for your audience.

20. Improvely

Commission: Up to $1400

Payout scheme: one-time initial, Recurring

Cookie duration: 30 days

Improvely provides essential tools for paid advertisers, helping reduce fraud as well as tracking conversions. The program has a very strong payback for advertisers with prices ranging from $29 to $299 a month. Plus, all plans feature a 14-day free trial.

The affiliate program is a hybrid, offering an initial payment of 50% of the monthly bill, along with the 10% recurring commission for the 1st year. There are 25 banners and display ads to use in your promotions. The program is also managed by ShareASale and has easy approval.

Best Affiliate Programs For Bloggers

Photo Bro

With the right affiliate program to promote, bloggers can earn more from monetizing their blogs. We’ve listed some of the best affiliate programs and the newest ways to promote affiliate links for bloggers that you can start exploring right now and maybe earn from in the next few hours or days.

21. Amazon Associates

Commission: 1% to 10%, depending on the product

Payout scheme: Volume-based ad fee structure

Cookie duration: 24 hours

The giant in the eCommerce world continues to increase in popularity without a sign of stopping. This makes the Amazon Associates program the most ideal affiliate program for beginners.

With this program, however, you need to work with varying commission rates. Fortunately, Amazon, being the largest eCommerce site, offers tens of millions of various products in stock at any given time, so you are more likely to make some sales.

It is easy to join the program and once approved, you can earn up to 10% commissions on all qualifying purchases.

22. eBay Partner Network

Commission: 50% to 70%, depending on the product category

Payout scheme: Payments are made monthly once the minimum $10 threshold is met

Cookie duration: 10 days for auction items, 24 hours for the “buy it now” items

Featuring over 1 billion listings from a broad range of product categories, eBay’s affiliate program provides almost the same advantages as Amazon’s. Being a well-known and reliable marketplace, with a diverse selection of products, eBay affiliates can expect high conversion rates.

Regardless of what you are looking for, you will be able to find it on eBay, which is something you cannot always say about Amazon. Additionally, the items here are far cheaper. This makes the eBay Partner network worth looking into.

23. Overstock

Commission: Up to 6%

Payout scheme: Monthly percentage

Cookie duration: 15 days

Overstock is another online marketplace with a focus on furnishings for home and office, from discounted kitchen accessories and sofas to big-screen TVs and outdoor swing sets. It is also the go-to marketplace for people looking for designer clothing brands and jewelry accessories.

It is safe to say that this is another affiliate program where the sky’s the limit, with your earnings following the same path. Being an Overstock affiliate, you get a dedicated affiliate and agency team, exclusive partner offers, coupons, deals, and paid media opportunities.

24. Dreamhost

Commission: $15 – $200, depending on the plan your customer picked

Payout scheme: Flat fee

Cookie duration: 30 days

Dreamhost is one of the best web hosting providers in the globe and even earned the endorsement of the makers of WordPress, Automattic, for their work in hosting.

Other than providing top-notch hosting plans, Dreamhost also has a stellar affiliate program, paying up to $200 per sign up, depending on the chosen plan as well as the volume of customers you send their way.

25. NameCheap

Commission: 20% – 50% of the purchase, depending on the type of product

Payout scheme: Commissions are paid for each item of the 1st order of a new customer

Cookie duration: 30 days

NameCheap is a hosting company and domain name registration website. It also provides other services such as security, apps, VPNs, and more. The company is known for providing inexpensive hosting plans and domain names, making them a good affiliate program for bloggers.

The site has a stellar reputation, providing high conversions for affiliates and promises regular payouts for every first purchase of a new customer that clicked the affiliate’s link.

Website Affiliate Programs

Other than web hosting sites, website builders and e-commerce platforms are two other popular affiliate categories when it comes to digital products.

Since paying customers may stay in these sites for a year or more, these companies can afford to pay higher than 100% of their monthly sale price. They also offer a high lifetime value.

Here are the best website affiliate programs to consider.

26. Shopify

Commission: 200%, up to $2,000 per sale

Payout scheme: Flat fee, Recurring

Cookie duration: 90 days

With more than half a million stores around the globe, Shopify has proven itself as a market leader in the industry of drop shipping. It has everything you need to start an online store, including shopping carts, website builders, analytics features, web hosting, payment processing, store management tools and so much more.

If your audience is all about eCommerce and setting up online stores, then the affiliate program is right for you. It’s free to join the program, and you can earn up to 200% commission on the cost of the monthly subscription. Plus, when a referral signs up for the Shopify Plus accounts, you get paid a flat fee of $2,000.

27. BigCommerce

Commission: Over 200%or $1,500 for every enterprise client

Payout scheme: Flat fee per referral

Cookie duration: 90 days

BigCommerce is another online store builder established in 2009 and powering thousands of eCommerce stores in more than a hundred countries. The company serves a broad variety of industries including automotive, fashion, health, and food.

As an affiliate, referring a visitor to BigCommerce, you can earn up to 200% of the first monthly payment of that customer, which is up to $500 per referral. Or, you can get $1,500 per enterprise customer you refer to.

28. Wix

Commission: Over $100 per sale

Payout scheme: Flat fee per referral

Cookie duration: 90 days

Wix is one of the most popular web development and web hosting platforms in the market today. The Wix affiliate program offers up to $100 per Premium referral without any limit to the number of people that you can refer to.

Also, Wix offers creatives and links including landing pages and banners in all languages, making it easier for you to just include their link on your website. Take note, however, that there’s a minimum sales target ($300) that you need to reach to get paid.

29. Weebly

Commission: 30%

Payout scheme: Recurring

Cookie duration: 120 days

Weebly is one of the simplest website builders with over 40 million users. Although it is not the most advanced website builder available today, its drag-and-drop interface makes it easy and quick to build a website. You can customize a fully functional website without the complexity.

Weebly offers a 30% recurring commission to their affiliates as long as the referred client is active.

30. 3dcart

Commission: 300%

Payout scheme: Flat fee per referral

Cookie duration: 45 days

An eCommerce platform with a focus on SEO, 3dcart provides you with all the necessary tools you need to build, grow, and promote your online store. It is popularly used for starting an online business, replacing the current shopping cart platform, or adding a shopping cart to an existing eCommerce website.

Being a 3dcart affiliate, you can earn up to 300% commissions (up to $687) for each referred customer. Also, the 3dcart affiliate program runs on both ShareASale and Commission Junction networks, both offering the same cookie life and commission.

31. Sellfy

Commission: 25%

Payout scheme: Recurring

Cookie duration: 45 days

Sellfy is another all-in-one eCommerce tool built for creators and bloggers who want to sell physical goods, subscriptions, and digital products as well as offering built-in marketing tools.

As a Sellfy affiliate, you get up to 25% recurring commission for every referred seller for a year. They also offer a strong affiliate manager, providing affiliates help with content, emails with promo tips, and ideas to drive customers to Sellfy and other collaborations.

32. Site123

Commission: $180 – $182

Payout scheme: Flat fee

Cookie duration: 30 days

Another famous website builder, Site123 allows you to build mobile-friendly websites with a simple user interface and a lot of template options to choose from.

The Site123 affiliate program offers huge and fixed commissions for all subscribers referred, providing up to $182 payout per customer. Your commission can only be withdrawn after receiving a minimum of $300. Site123 offers convenient banner ads to attract customers and you also get to track customer conversion.

Email Marketing affiliate programs

Man Counting MoneyEmail marketing remains a powerful tool to reach out to customers in a more convenient and personable way. This makes promoting email marketing platforms to business owners and individuals easier, ensuring you earn a profit with your effort.
Below are some of the best email marketing affiliate programs you can earn significant commissions from.

33. Active Campaign

Commission: 20% – 30% commission for every paid subscription

Payout Scheme: Flat fee, recurring

Cookie duration: 90 days

Active Campaign is one of the best email marketing companies with a focus on automation. It also offers services such as email marketing management and working with a CRM base, providing excellent customer experience and satisfaction.

The affiliate program comes with a tiered commission plan categorized as Silver, Gold, and Platinum. Payout is 20%, 25%, and 30%, respectively, with some conditions. Active Campaign rewards active affiliates with higher commissions.

34. Convert Kit

Commission: 30% commission for every person who signs up

Payout Scheme: Recurring

Cookie duration: 60 days

ConvertKit offers email marketing services and software to help small business owners grow and build their target audiences. As a ConvertKit affiliate, you’ll be paid a 30% recurring monthly commission. You’ll be provided with artwork and creative to create landing pages and ads, detailed affiliate dashboards, webinars, and training courses.

35. GetResponse

Commission: 33% or $100

Payout Scheme: Recurring and nonrecurring

Cookie duration: 120 days

GetResponse is another popular email marketing solution, combining features such as landing pages, marketing automation, auto-funnels, webinar hosting, email marketing, and more. As an all-in-one solution, GetResponse can attract a number of small business owners.

For affiliates, you will be paid some of the highest recurring commissions of 33%. Or, you can take a huge one-time $100 payout.

36. MailerLite

Commission: 30% commission per sale

Payout Scheme: Recurring

Cookie duration: no cookie tracking

MailerLite is another great email solution for all kinds of businesses. With its regular reports on every campaign, convenient content editor, and streamlined subscriber’s guidance, you can create excellent email campaigns and control their performance.

As a MailerLite affiliate, you get paid up to 30% monthly recurring commission. You’ll also get graphics and essential creatives, along with a nice clean dashboard to track your conversions.

37. Sendlane

Commission: 30%

Payout Scheme: monthly recurring commission, lifetime

Cookie duration: 90 days

The platform focuses on marketing tools to improve your ROI as well as tools such as Intelligent popups, Sendlane beacon that allows you to track prospect actions, and marketing automation funnels.

Sendlane features 3 different types of affiliate programs–for the agency partners, regular affiliate partners, and SaaS creators. Each partner is offered specific marketing materials. All affiliates are offered 30% recurring commissions.

38. AWeber

Commission: 30%

Payout Scheme: Recurring

Cookie duration: 1 year

A simple, yet powerful email marketing solution, AWeber has been around for years and built a solid reputation. The platform features email newsletters, easy drag-and-drop editors, email automation, HTML templates, tagging, and team collaboration tools.

As an AWeber affiliate, you get up to 30% monthly recurring commission. You’ll be provided with lots of banners, ads, and an affiliate team supported by the management.

Online course affiliate programs

In this technological era, digital courses are extremely popular for people who wish to learn a particular skill. Thus, it is also a lucrative area where you can earn passive income from the best online course affiliate programs.

Here are our top online course affiliate programs.

39. edX

Commission: 10%

Payout Scheme: Flat fee

Cookie duration: 60 days

edX is a non-profit online learning site used by over 17 million people worldwide. The platform has partnered with some of the best universities and institutions in the world such as Microsoft, Harvard, and MIT to create superb courses.

Its affiliate program is overseen by Awin. As a leading open-source online learning site with over 2,000 courses, promoting edX can give you lucrative income with high conversion rates.

40. Coursera

Commission: 45%

Payout Scheme: Flat fee

Cookie duration: 30 days

Coursera is another giant in the online learning industry. The platform partners with various companies and universities to provide a broad variety of online courses.

Because there are many free courses on offer, marketing the affiliate products is easier and will earn you 45% commissions. Since the platform partners with reputable universities and companies, your customers are promised quality education.

41. Kajabi

Commission: 30%

Payout Scheme: Recurring

Cookie duration: 90 days

Kajabi is an excellent platform for creating an online business including online courses. It is considered to be the all-around solution for building and managing an online business.

As a Kajabi affiliate, you can earn 30% lifetime commissions for each referral. Take note, however, that the affiliate program is only available with the Pro and Growth Plans.

42. Udemy

Commission: 20%

Payout Scheme: Flat fee for every course purchased

Cookie duration: 90 days

Like Coursera, Udemy is another brand name for online courses. The platform offers over a hundred thousand online video courses with topics on almost anything you can think of.

As a Udemy partner, you can pretty much promote to any audience and earn a solid commission rate. You also get exclusive content, hundreds of banners, promotional tools and assets, and a dedicated affiliate manager to drive sales and monitor your conversions.

43. Skillshare

Commission: $7 per sign up

Payout Scheme: Flat fee

Cookie duration: 30 days

Skillshare is another giant in the online course marketplace, offering thousands of online courses. It is a monthly subscription, so signing up to use the platform will give you access to thousands of courses. The rate is super affordable, however.

As an affiliate, you’ll get a $7 commission for every person who signs up. Even if they just opted for a FREE account, you’re still going to get paid.

44. Teachable

Commission: 30%

Payout Scheme: Recurring

Cookie duration: 90 days

Teachable is the go-to site of over 18 million students. It offers hundreds of thousands of creators and is home to tens of thousands of course creators.

Its affiliate program is managed in-house and provides you with a unique tracking code to make it easier to earn commissions right away. However, keep in mind that the affiliate program is for referring a course creator to the platform.

VPN Affiliate Programs

Since 2013, about 25% of global internet users used VPN monthly, resulting in continuous growth year on year. Because of the technology’s growing popularity, all types of websites are recommending to set up private internet connections for their audience.

Here are some of the best VPN affiliate programs worth considering.

45. Express VPN

Since 2013, about 25% of global internet users used VPN monthly, resulting in continuous growth year on year. Because of the technology’s growing popularity, all types of websites are recommending to set up private internet connections for their audience.

Here are some of the best VPN affiliate programs worth considering.

46. Nord VPN

Commission: 40%-100%

Payout Scheme: Recurring

Cookie duration: 30 days

Nord VPN has been helping internet users remain anonymous for almost a decade now. The platform offers over 5,600 services in 58 countries and became a trusted name in the online security market.

Commissions are based on the subscription plan that your referral ordered, including 40% for 5 months and the 1- and 2-year plan, while a whopping 100% at 1 month. As a reputable brand, Nord VPN has strong conversion rates as well as a dedicated account manager to help in driving sales.

47. Surfshark

Commission: 40%

Payout Scheme: Recurring

Cookie duration: 30 days

Surfshark is another great security platform that does all the usual VPN stuff but with a Multihop feature. This allows customers to connect from multiple locations at once with their physical location completely concealed. This unique feature really sells well, so expect to earn the 40% commission quite frequently.

48. Hide My Ass

Commission: Up to 100%

Payout Scheme: Recurring, Flat fee

Cookie duration: 30 days

Quirky brand name aside, this platform has been active on the VPN marketplace longer than most and does a great job of it! HMA provides servers in 190 countries, blowing most of its competitors out of the water.

HMA will offer you a whopping 100% commission per referral. Your next commission will then depend on the length of the renewals and signups. You could earn from 30% to 65%.

49. IP Vanish

Commission: Up to 100%

Payout Scheme: Recurring, Flat fee

Cookie duration: 30 days

IP Vanish is another leader in the VPN marketplace, boasting some of the best features in the industry. A guarantee of no traffic logs, access to 1,300 servers in over 70 different locations, plus the unlimited bandwidth all makes this platform a real contender.

The platform will pay you 100% commission with 35% recurring commission for the 1-month package; 40% + 35% recurring for the 3-month package and 40% + 30% recurring for the 1- and 2-year package.

50. PIA

Commission: 33%

Payout Scheme: Recurring

Cookie duration: Unknown

PIA, short for Private Internet Access, is a VPN provider that does not get mentioned often. It provides access to 3,300 servers in over 30 countries. An interesting thing about this platform is that it accepts payment in the form of gift cards.

Joining the affiliate program is free and you can earn up to 33% in commission on recurring and new sales over the lifetime of a client.

Gaming Affiliate Programs

Gaming Pana

If you’re a gamer, a streamer, or uploading YouTube gaming videos, then there are tons of video game affiliate programs you can definitely try. Ultimately, you need to look for an affiliate company that matches your gaming interests.

Here are our top picks for the best gaming affiliate programs.

51. Razer

Commission: 10%-20%

Payout Scheme: Flat fee per sale

Cookie duration: 30 days

Like Logitech and Alienware, Razer is pretty much a giant in the computer gaming gear market. It is popular for its gaming keyboards and mice. Razer also recently manufactured its own gaming PCs.

Because the products are not cheap, with the gaming mouse costing upwards of $150, you can earn a significant amount as an affiliate. In fact, Razer offers a commission rate that’s twice the industry standard.

52. Leprestore

Commission: 15% per sale

Payout Scheme: Flat fee

Cookie duration: 90 days

Leprestore is for the gamers who want to boost their character stats in games such as Apex Legends and WoW Classic, without spending hundreds of hours to do just that. Customers simply pay the site to do all the hard work for them.

For every visitor you refer to the service, you get paid 15% per sale, which is at least $9 on average.

53. Logitech

Commission: 4%-10%

Payout Scheme: Flat fee

Cookie duration: 30 days

Logitech is another giant in the gaming industry, manufacturing a broad range of gaming items such as keyboards, mice, headsets, webcams, joysticks, and speakers. Because of the brand’s popularity among gamers and computer users, promoting the gaming products as an affiliate will put an instant 4% of every sale in your pocket. Take note, however, that you will need a Rakuten LinkShare account to access the affiliate offer.

54. Alienware

Commission: 3% to 6%

Payout Scheme: Flat fee

Cookie duration: 3 days

Serious gamers lust after Alienware products and these gaming PCs are what every serious gamer dreams of. Unfortunately for most, a high-end Alienware desktop can cost several thousands of dollars.

This is actually good news for affiliates. You can earn up to 6% on every sale you make. While their 3-day cookie is short, when somebody puts aside over $5,000 to build a gaming PC, they have already decided to make that purchase. So that’s a sale opportunity for you.


Commission: 2%

Payout Scheme: Flat fee

Cookie duration: 45 days

Anyone in the gaming space or who’s a computer geek knows NVIDIA. It manufactures some of the best and top-performing GPU or gaming video cards in the world.

Although the affiliate program does not pay a big commission rate, it is one of the highest paying affiliate programs in the gaming industry. Remember that a high-end NVIDIA GPU can cost up to $1,000, so 2% translates to $20.

CBD Affiliate Programs

With medical marijuana legal in 33 states and more states legalizing cannabis for recreational use, the cannabis industry is indeed a lucrative area that continues to grow every day. You might want to get into the CBD and marijuana space to start earning as an affiliate.

Here are some of the best CBD companies that offer decent commissions.

56. Lifted CBD

Commission: 15% per sale

Payout Scheme: Flat fee

Cookie duration: 90 days

Lifted CBD is a popular online market for all kinds of CBD products. If you can think of anything CBD-related, then there is a good chance that you can find a stock in Lifted CBD. Some of its featured products include Endoca, Shanti, NuLeaf, and Good Patch.

Joining their affiliate program, you can expect to earn up to 15% per sale. Since it carries reputable CBD brands, you can expect high commissions with the average order value of more than $200!

57. Honest Paws

Commission: $50 per sale

Payout Scheme: Flat fee

Cookie duration: 60 days

Honest Paws is the leading wellness and health brands for pets, featuring a large collection of top-quality CBD products for pets. This is a CBD platform with a high-converting streak, making it a lot easier for the affiliates.

They pay up to $50 per acquisition. Plus, the platform is powered by RevOffers, offering premium benefits for affiliates such as multiple brands and offers and sub-affiliate commissions centralized into one platform with the highest payouts possible.

58. CBD Pure

Commission: 40%

Payout Scheme: Flat fee

Cookie duration: 90 days

CBD Pure, as its name implies, manufactures pure CBD products that are backed by extensive 3rd-party testing. It has been a long-standing CBD brand and even has one of the highest CBD affiliate commission rates of up to 40%. Partners are offered a tiered commission rate through their sub-affiliates.

59. Joy Organics

Commission: 25%

Payout Scheme: Flat fee

Cookie duration: 180 days

Joy Organics is amongst the most popular and fastest-growing CBD brands. Offering a 25% commission and lifetime commission, along with an aggressive bonus program, this program is indeed one of the all-around best CBD affiliate programs with exceptional earning potential.

60. Direct CBD

Commission: 20%

Payout Scheme: Flat fee

Cookie duration: 30 days

Another fast-growing CBD platform, Direct CBD is a CBD retail store that offers a broad selection of quality CBD products from numerous brands.

Furthermore, Direct CBD’s products and websites have some of the highest conversion rates in the CBD industry. Many people are more likely to buy their products. Its affiliate program offers up to 20% commission per sale.

Sports Affiliate Programs

The sports industry reached a value of over $480 billion in 2018 and is currently estimated to be worth over $500 billion.

This makes it an ideal market for affiliates. Although sports are not the most significant categories of affiliate marketing, it’s a good area for bloggers in the sports equipment and gears sector.

61. Al’s Sporting Goods

Commission: 10%

Payout Scheme: Flat fee

Cookie duration: 150 days

AI’s Sporting Goods carries top brand names in sports like The North Face, Nike, Yeti, Patagonia, Under Armour, and more. These reputable brands bring in more customers, which means more conversions and more commissions to the platform’s affiliates.

As a partner, you get a 10% commission for each sale, which averages $120. Plus, you are offered specific discount promotions along with dedicated affiliate support and manager.

62. Jump Sport

Commission: 4% per sale

Payout Scheme: Flat fee

Cookie duration: 30 days

A family-owned business, Jump Sport has been around for 2 decades! They manufactured and patented the first safety enclosure for trampolines, capitalizing on the trampolining sport with their range of products.

Their trampolines can cost anywhere between $250 and $600. With a 4% commission rate, you can earn more from this affiliate product.

63. Enigma Fishing

Commission: 20%

Payout Scheme: Flat fee

Cookie duration: 90 days

Enigma Fishing offers anything from sheers and tools to reels and rods. The company also offers accessories and apparel like sunglasses and bags.

They offer a 20% commission to affiliates. As for earnings per click, it has one of the highest of all the fishing affiliate programs at $225.56.

64. X3 Bar

Commission: 15% per sale

Payout Scheme: Flat fee

Cookie duration: 45 days

X3 Bar is a complete home gym system from Dr. John Jaquish. The products are aimed at people who wish to get fit from home or for those who do not have the time to visit the gym.

As an affiliate, you get up to 15% commission for every sale you give them. What’s important is that they offer tons of social proof that you can use in your marketing campaigns.

65. GoPro

Commission: 5% per sale

Payout Scheme: Flat fee

Cookie duration: 30 days

GoPro is one of the most popular technology brands in the sports industry and is involved in almost every sport known to man.

It can be promoted to anyone, from the adrenaline junkies to the pet owners. After all, everyone just wants a clear recording of the most important and greatest adventures of their life.

Plus, their brand value is usually the only thing you need to make a sale and earn commissions.

66. Leather Head Sporting

Commission: 10%

Payout Scheme: Flat fee

Cookie duration: 60 days

Ball-based sports fans are always willing to pay a huge amount of money on fancy memorabilia. They are the exact type of people who love what Leather Head Sporting offers— a range of handcrafted balls for football, basketball, rugby, soccer, and more.

The fact that there are few affiliate marketing programs like this out there, makes it a very targeted niche where you can earn huge commissions.

Financial & Credit Card Affiliate Programs

Credit Card Rafiki

If there’s one thing some people are good at, it’s spending money they don’t have. By providing them with information and tips on credit cards, accounting tools, and loan companies, you can help them with their finances, including improving their credit scores.

Here are some of the highest-paying financial and credit card affiliate programs.

67. Experian

Commission: 2%, up to $100 per sale

Payout Scheme: Flat fee

Cookie duration: 45 days

Experian is probably the most popular credit scoring service out there. It has a great reputation for delivering up to 20 million credit reports and offering credit monitoring services to its over 300 million members.

It is also a perfect complementary program for those working in the financial services niche. Here, you can help people sort out their credit score before applying for a new credit card. In return, you earn a commission.

68. CoverWallet

Commission: $30 per verified quote request

Payout Scheme: Flat fee

Cookie duration: 30 days

CoverWallet is a leading online insurance platform. It offers small business insurance from the leading commercial insurance carriers in a transparent, efficient, and digital way.

Every small business will need insurance and the platform fits the vibe of the modern digital business. It covers over 300 industries and features a high-converting website, making it easier for affiliates to close a sale.

69. Plus 500

Commission: Up to $800 CPA

Payout Scheme: Flat fee

Cookie duration: Lifetime

Plus 500 involves Contract for Difference or CFD, trading on Forex, Equities, Cryptocurrency, and Indices. Meaning, its derivative trading can be used to make huge profits.

To earn a commission, a customer needs to deposit funds to their account. It has a high commission rate from $200 to $800 per trader. Plus, there is a 10% commission on all second-tier referrals.

70. Hiscox

Commission: $25 per lead

Payout Scheme: Flat fee

Cookie duration: 7 days

Like CoverWallet, Hiscox Small Business offers insurance to small businesses, but with a focus on providing customized policies.

For every completed code tracked back at you, you earn $25. As a Hiscox partner, you also get promotional tools and an affiliate manager for monitoring your conversions. Plus, they also offer special incentives for the top performers.

71. Atom Finance

Commission: $5

Payout Scheme: Flat fee

Cookie duration: 30 days

Atom Finance is an investment research platform that offers investors needed institutional resources and tools.

Joining their affiliate program is totally free and you get to earn a commission for each new client you refer to.

72. Personal Capital

Commission: Up to $100

Payout Scheme: Flat fee

Cookie duration: 30 days

Personal Capital is a powerful robo-advisor platform offering numerous financial services as well as free tools for investors. The platform can help you earn high commissions of up to $100. In fact, its top affiliates are earning up to $50,000 per month. Plus, you get promotional tools for success as well as insider details such as promotions, latest news, and deals.

73. TransferWise

Commission: £10 or its currency equivalent

Payout Scheme: Flat fee

Cookie duration: Lifetime

Providing international money transfer services, TransferWise is usually far cheaper than banks and offers full transparency, starting with the real exchange rate. It also shows fees upfront.

The standard commission starts at £10 but increases with volume. Plus, you also get a lifetime cookie and a full-time affiliate marketing manager.

74. MoneyGram

Commission: $2 – $4

Payout Scheme: Flat fee

Cookie duration: Unknown

MoneyGram is one of the most reputable money transfer services in the globe. It is available in various countries and has gained a lot of trust amongst the public for its reliable and safe international remittance services.

The commission rate will depend on the country of origin. In the US, you can earn $2 for returning customers and $4 for new customers.

75. Kabbage

Commission: $250 per referral + $50 per approval

Payout Scheme: Flat fee

Cookie duration: Unknown

Kabbage is a well-known platform that connects small businesses to potential capital providers. Small business owners can apply for up to $250k in funding. As an affiliate, you will receive $250 for every customer you refer and get an extra $50 when your referral gets approved. Also, each small business you refer will receive a $50 gift card once approved.

Travel Affiliate Programs

From traveling and hotel booking platforms to vacation and airline packages, more people are purchasing travel packages online than before. For expert travel bloggers, you can recommend travel packages, hotels, travel equipment, airlines from travel affiliate companies, and earn a commission from each sale.

Here are some of the best travel affiliate programs you should try.

76. Cheapflights

Commission: $0.25-0.45 per click

Payout Scheme: per click

Cookie duration: Not specified

Cheapflights is an online search and booking website that helps users find the cheapest and best deals for car rental, hotels, and flights. This platform frequently runs special offers and has grown to attract over 120 million users annually.

With their affiliate program, you can expect up to 65% to 75% commission per sale. Also, affiliates are paid $0.45 per click out on a tablet and desktop and $0.25 per click out on mobile.

77. TripAdvisor

Commission: 50% commission

Payout Scheme: Tiered commission structure

Cookie duration: 14 days

Who doesn’t know TripAdvisor? It is probably the most popular travel site and is mainly known for its local reviews of things to do. Also, the platform allows you to book vacation packages, hotels, restaurant reservations and so much more. With a 50% commission, it offers one of the best affiliate programs in the travel industry.


Commission: Up to 6% commission

Payout Scheme: Varies according to the product

Cookie duration: 30 days

Next to TripAdvisor, you’ve probably seen Expedia appear in your travel search results. This platform is the leading price comparison website for holidaymakers. It also happens to have high-performing affiliate programs, offering up to 6% commissions per sale.


Commission: Up to 40% commission

Payout Scheme: Per stayed booking generated

Cookie duration: Expires when browser’s closed is another reputable travel comparison site with a direct relationship with more than 1.4 million apartments and hotels. It is highly enticing because visitors will never have to pay any booking fees. It offers up to 40% commission per referral. However, the affiliate cookie expires when the visitor closes the browser.

80. Cruise Direct

Commission: 3% commission of the gross sale

Payout Scheme: Flat fee

Cookie duration: 45 days

Although its front page seems outdated and clunky, CruiseDirect is one of the best cruise comparison platforms. Find the best cruise deal possible in one platform. As an affiliate, you’ll get a 3% commission of the gross sale. You’ll also be provided with the much-needed marketing tools for better conversions.

81. Agoda

Commission: Up to 7% commission

Payout Scheme: Based on number of bookings

Cookie duration: 1 day

Agoda provides more than 900,000 accommodations around the globe, which gives its affiliate marketers so many options for recommendations. So even when the cookie duration is just one day, you have more chances of earning the 7% commission as an affiliate marketer.

82. Lonely Planet

Commission: Up to 15% commission

Payout Scheme: Varies per product

Cookie duration: 30 days

For those who want to see the far-off lands, then there is one travel platform you can rely on— the Lonely Planet. Its affiliate program pays up to 15% commission on all eBooks and print books as well as their travel services.

83. Travelspayout

Commission: Up to 80% per sale

Payout Scheme: Varies per product

Cookie duration: 30 days

Travelpayouts cover a broad range of services and integrate them with other travel websites such as Airbnb,,, and so much more. You can earn up to 80% commission. However, the average rate is 6% for hotel bookings and 1.6% for flights.

Fitness Affiliate Programs

Fitness is probably one of the highest paying affiliate programs. With high average order value of products such as ellipticals and treadmills, you can earn excellent commissions. These programs are most suitable for the running fitness coach, bodybuilders, personal trainers, and fitness models.

Check out some of the best fitness affiliate programs to try out today.

84. Aaptiv

Commission: $15 to $25 per sale

Payout Scheme: Tiered

Cookie duration: 45 days

Aaptiv offers you unlimited access to over 2,500 of audio-based fitness classes led by licensed and certified professional trainers. Plus, they also offer some great playlists to work out to. Being an affiliate, you get paid $15 to $25 per sale, depending on the tier and you can earn unlimited commissions.

85. Fitbit

Commission: 12%

Payout Scheme: Based on all sales

Cookie duration: 15 days

Fitbit is a popular brand of activity trackers, helping you live a balanced and healthy life by tracking your all-day physical activity, sleep, exercise, and weight. Fitbit pays its affiliates a 12% commission on all sales directed to their site.

86. Organifi

Commission: Up to 20%

Payout Scheme: Per sale

Cookie duration: 10 days

Organifi is a meal-supplement powder made from various herbs. It is meant for people who need nutrients from various roots, veggies, and leaves on demand. The affiliate program pays you up to 20% commission on every sale you generate.

87. The Vitamin Shoppe

Commission: Up to 10%

Payout Scheme: Per referred sale

Cookie duration: 7 days

The VitaminShoppe is like an online mall for all kinds of supplements, vitamins, and healthy snacks. It offers various categories of food items, skin and beauty products as well as herbs and natural remedies.  As an affiliate, you get up to 10% commission for every referred sale.

88. Workout Anywhere

Commission: 30%-50%

Payout Scheme: Varies per product

Cookie duration: Not specified

Workout Anywhere has been in the fitness space since 2012. The platform offers goal tracking, meal plans, recipes, mobile coaching services, either with downloadable plans or a monthly app subscription. The affiliate program starts with a $9 a month for the main offer with an extra $197 a month upsell and $29 a month downsell.

89. Weight Watchers

Commission: $10

Payout Scheme: per subscription

Cookie duration: 14 days

Weight Watchers is a global company offering various services and products that assist in healthy habits, including weight loss and management and fitness goals. They offer their services in 3 options, online through their website and mobile app, coaching by phone or online, or in-person meetings. Affiliates can expect to get paid $10 for every qualifying subscription.

Music Affiliate Programs

The music industry consists of artists, music teachers, composers, vocal coaches, sound engineers, musical instruments, and so much more. With all these different product and service niches, there are plenty of ways to profit from music affiliate programs.

Here are some of the best music affiliate programs available.

90. Masterclass

Commission: 25%

Payout Scheme: Flat fee

Cookie duration: 30 days

If your audience consists of people who like to learn to play a musical instrument, then the Masterclass affiliate program is a promising way to earn. The platform offers a broad range of online courses taught by numerous famous musicians and for just under $90.

Online courses do not come much better than this, helping you attract serious learners. For every user, you refer you will get a flat fee of 25%.

91. Guitar Centre

Commission: Up to 70%

Payout Scheme: Varies per product

Cookie duration: 60 days

Singoroma is a complete singing course designed to help bring out your best natural singing style. It’s like having your private singing coach on call whenever you need to fine-tune your vocals. As an affiliate, you earn 70% commission on instant download products and 40% on a shipped media course.

92. Singorama

Commission: 3% to 5%

Payout Scheme: per referred sale

Cookie duration: 14 days

Aside from selling all kinds of guitars, Guitar Centre and its 260 stores also offer drums, keyboards, PA systems, mics, as well as DJ equipment. So, if anyone is thinking of putting a band together, then Guitar Centre has everything they need. Being an affiliate, you will earn a 3% to 5% cut from everything your referral buys.

93. Apple iTunes

Commission: Up to 100%

Payout Scheme: Varies per product

Cookie duration: 24 hours

The tech giant Apple also offers an affiliate program for iTunes. You can earn up to 100% commissions on qualifying memberships for Apple Music as well as 7% commission for sales of TV shows, movies, audiobooks, books, and more. Also, commissions are calculated based on the type of subscription and local market rate.

94. Singing Machine

Commission: 5%

Payout Scheme: Flat fee

Cookie duration: 30 days

The Singing Machine Company is like an online mall for Karaoke systems. It is free to join the affiliate program that allows you to earn up to a 5% base commission on all product sales. Their karaoke systems can go over hundreds of dollars, so you can earn a decent commission from every sale.

Cryptocurrency & Bitcoin Affiliate Programs

Bitcoin and other cryptocurrency have almost doubled in value over the past few months and is still growing. As a matter of fact, the cryptocurrency industry is now worth about $350 billion. Basically, it’s not going anywhere, so it can be a lucrative niche for affiliate marketing.

Here’s a roundup of the best bitcoin and cryptocurrency affiliate programs.

95. CryptoHopper

Commission: 15%

Payout Scheme: Flat fee

Cookie duration: 30 days

An automated crypto trading bot, CryptoHopper can be used across a variety of exchanges. The platform has over 15,000 active users and conducts over 30 million trades. You can earn up to 15% commission per sale with the average commission per sale at $3.50.

96. Coinbase

Commission: 50%

Payout Scheme: Based on referrals’ trading fees

Cookie duration: 30 days

Coinbase is famous in the cryptocurrency world and acts as a trading platform as well as providing digital wallets for coins. As a Coinbase partner, you can earn up to 50% commission of trading fees for the first 3 months by referring new customers to the platform.

97. Ledger

Commission: 10%

Payout Scheme: Flat fee

Cookie duration: 30 days

Ledger makes it simple for beginners to store all sorts of cryptocurrencies. It is also one of the dominating platforms in the cryptocurrency wallet space. As far as its affiliate program goes, Ledger partnered with Awin, so it is easy to get approval. Here, you get paid 10% commission across 3 different offers.

98. LocalBitcoins

Commission: 20%

Payout Scheme: Per trading fee

Cookie duration: 90 days

Local Bitcoins is a platform for traders who prefer the human element of trading via P2P trading. Here, your trades pass through an Escrow Wallet, ensuring a safe and reliable crypto exchange. As a LocalBitcoins affiliate partner, you can earn up to 20% of fees from all crypto trades.

99. Paxful

Commission: 50%

Payout Scheme: Per exchange fees

Cookie duration: Not specified

Paxful is a reliable platform that allows you to sell and buy bitcoin. This platform has invested a good amount of company resources and time to roll out its affiliate program. As an affiliate, you can earn up to 50% of the exchange fees. You can also receive 10% commissions when your tier 2 referred users buy Bitcoin.

100. Coinmama

Commission: 15%

Payout Scheme: Flat fee

Cookie duration: Not specified

Coinmama is a marketplace for cryptocurrency owners who wish to sell or buy coins without the risk of P2P trading. This means you’ll have to pay for the brokerage fee for assistance. The affiliate program pays you 15% on all purchases for the lifetime of your referrals’ accounts.

Pet Affiliate Programs

Pet lovers are willing to spend any amount of money to keep their lovable furry companion comfortable, happy, and well-fed. With that said, a pet niche is certainly a lucrative place for affiliate marketing.

Here are some of the most popular pet affiliate programs you should try.

101. FitBark

Commission: 12%

Payout Scheme: Flat fee

Cookie duration: 60 days

Fitbark is a company dedicated to helping pets get a happy and healthy lifestyle. The company offers a small device that can be attached to a pet’s collar to monitor their level of activity. Think of it as the “Apple Watch” for doggos. The affiliate program offers a 12% commission with a minimum withdrawal amount of $50.

102. Petco Supplies

Commission: 5% to 8%

Payout Scheme: Flat fee

Cookie duration: 7 days

Petco Supplies has been around for 6 decades now and has over 1,500 physical locations along with a major online presence. You can find anything pet-related items here for both pet owners, vets, and groomers. It offers affiliates commissions rates of 5% to 8%.

103. PetCube

Commission: 10%

Payout Scheme: Flat fee

Cookie duration: 60 days

PetCube offers pet cameras and software that allows owners to talk, see, and play with their pets wherever they are. The products are available in over 18 countries in more than 2,000 retail stores. As a PetCube affiliate, you can earn a 10% commission for every sale.

104. FurHaven Pet Products

Commission: 10%

Payout Scheme: Flat fee

Cookie duration: 30 days

FurHaven offers some of the most luxurious pet beds available, including orthopedic beds. Most pet owners are willing to spend a huge sum of money to ensure that their lovable pets are comfortable. Its affiliate program offers a 10% commission rate, earning you a cool $20 for a $200 bed. Imagine if a buyer spends more?

105. Pet Wellbeing

Commission: 10%

Payout Scheme: Flat fee

Cookie duration: 60 days

Pet Wellbeing offers natural supplements for the treatment of more than a hundred pet diseases. Also, they offer eco-friendly pet products that most owners seek. The affiliate program is managed by ShareASale, offering a 10% commission per sale.

Fashion Affiliate Programs

The best fashion affiliate programs are perfect for the influencers and bloggers looking to recommend the latest fashion trends on YouTube, Pinterest, or Instagram while making money from their recommendations.

Here are the most sought-after fashion affiliate programs.

106. Crocs

Commission: 8%

Payout Scheme: Flat fee

Cookie duration: 30 days

Who wouldn’t recognize the Croc logo on the famous Crocs shoes! This company has revolutionized the footwear industry with the Croslite material and continues to retain a huge presence in this niche. As a Crocs affiliate, you earn 8% commissions for all sales made within 30 days of clicking your affiliate link.

107. Billabong

Commission: 7%

Payout Scheme: Flat fee

Cookie duration: 30 days

Billabong is an Australian surf company. It is primarily a clothing retailer offering swimwear and lifestyle clothing for children, women, and men. The company also produces accessories such as backpacks, watches, snowboards, and skateboards. Its affiliate program offers you a 7% commission on every sale.

108. Target

Commission: Up to 8%

Payout Scheme: Varies per product

Cookie duration: 7 days

Target is the 8th biggest retailer in the US, offering anything from clothing and fashion accessories to electronics and furniture and anything in between. You can earn up to 8% commission on the popular categories of its affiliate products.

109. Etsy

Commission: 4%

Payout Scheme: Flat fee

Cookie duration: 30 days

Etsy is a reputable e-commerce website with a focus on vintage or handmade items and craft supplies. You can buy anything from bags, clothing, and jewelry to furniture and home decors.

Affiliates can earn 4% commissions on qualifying sales. However, Etsy requires that you must have a website to become an affiliate. It also asks for a small application fee of $5.

110. Madison Reed

Commission: Not specified

Payout Scheme: Per new purchase

Cookie duration: 30 days

Madison Reed is a reliable at-home hair color company, offering hair dye products. Affiliates can earn a commission on new purchases made by new members. The commission rate is not listed on the affiliate sign-up page, but you will get an extra $10 when you refer new affiliates to the program.

Beauty and Makeup Affiliate Programs

For beauty bloggers, their followers are always hungry for the latest cosmetic product reviews and tips. Because of this popularity, there are numerous beauty affiliate companies to work with.

Here are just some of the most reliable beauty and makeup affiliate programs.

111. Yves Rocher

Commission: 15%

Payout Scheme: Flat fee

Cookie duration: 30 days

Yves Rocher is an easily recognizable brand name that has been around for 6 decades now, growing into a reputable cosmetic empire. Its 15% commission rate is above the industry average. Plus, its popularity means that the products are highly marketable and saleable.

112. Elizabeth Arden Makeup & Skincare

Commission: 8% per sale

Payout Scheme: Flat fee

Cookie duration: 30 days

Like Yves, Elizabeth Arden is another brand that does not really need an introduction. It kickstarted the cosmetic industry a century ago and is still synonymous with beauty products. Its affiliate program metrics tick the right boxes and you even receive multiple commissions from repeat sales.

113. Avon Cosmetics

Commission: $2 – $20 per sale

Payout Scheme: Varies per product

Cookie duration: 45 days

Avon is known for its door-to-door cosmetic sales, and it’s been doing it for over a century now. You will have to look pretty hard to find another brand that people trust and know as much as Avon. From its affiliate product, you can earn up to 10%t for every sale you make.

114. Sephora

Commission: Up to 10%

Payout Scheme: Varies per product

Cookie duration: 1-day last touch

Sephora offers the largest and most assorted portfolio of makeup items in the world, ranging from the iconic luxury items to newer products. Your earning will depend on the offer. You can get up to 10% commission, in addition to a 4% commission for returning clients.

Love and Relationship Affiliate programs

Love and relationship are an evergreen niche. There are always new players entering the market and it is one of those so-called “got-to-have” niches. The dating market is an ever-growing market.  Here are some of the best affiliate programs you can try.

115. Adult Friend Finder

Commission: Up to $130

Payout Scheme: Per order, varies per product

Cookie duration: Lifetime

Adult Friend Finder is among the biggest dating, hookups, adult, and chat finder platforms in the world. It has more than 30 high converting websites that are more effective and affordable than physical meetups.

The commission you earn will depend on the program you joined in. Its hybrid per program pays a flat fee regardless of the order length and type with up to $130 per sale.

116. Christian Mingle

Commission Rate: 50%

Payout Scheme: Flat fee

Cookie duration: 30 days

As its name implies, Christian mingle is a dating site for people looking for a god-centered relationship. This is an ideal affiliate for the religious focused websites. The platform pays up to 50% commission for every user you refer to the platform.

117. eHarmony

Commission Rate: 45%

Payout Scheme: Flat fee

Cookie duration: 45 days

eHarmony is one of the most well-known and largest dating sites today. The platform was among the first to match people as opposed to having you just browse the listings. Affiliates can earn a commission rate of 45% for every subscription.

118. Elite Singles

Commission Rate: $7 per application

Payout Scheme: Flat fee

Cookie duration: 45 days

This is an innovative matchmaking platform that is designed for ambitious and sophisticated professionals of all ages. EliteSingles, as its name implies, caters to the older and more mature crowd of professionals. Its affiliate program pays you $7 for every successful application.

119. Match

Payout Scheme: Flat fee

Cookie duration: 120 days

Match is a trusted brand that pioneered the dating industry. They serve over 24 countries and feature websites in 15 languages. Affiliates of Match can earn up to 75% on every new subscription as well as bonuses of up to 25%.

Graphic Design & Photography Affiliate Programs

Social media has actually created a whole new generation of aspiring photographers and graphic designers. Along with expensive photography gear and graphic design projects, it is also a lucrative area to try affiliate marketing.

Here are some great options for graphic design and photography affiliate programs.

120. Shutterstock

Commission Rate: 20%

Payout Scheme: Flat fee

Cookie duration: 30 days

Shutterstock is a prominent global provider of licensed stock photos, illustrations, music and videos, and vectors. They are a reputable global marketplace that features over 1.8 million users in more than 150 countries. The platform pays you a 20% commission for every new customer that you refer to the site.

121. Pic Monkey

Commission Rate: 30%

Payout Scheme: Recurring

Cookie duration: 45 days

PicMonkey is an online photo designing and editing service that can be accessed through their mobile app or from a web browser. As an affiliate, you will earn a 30% commission for every first purchase and 15% commissions for any additional purchases or renewals of returning customers.

122. Snappa

Commission Rate: 30%

Payout Scheme: Recurring

Cookie duration: 30 days

Snappa is another reputable graphics designing software for photographers who wish to transform their photos into something more. Whether you want to make your images look more professional or convert images into social media banners, Snappa can easily transform them for you.

Its affiliate program will pay you 30% recurring commissions over the life of a user you referred to.

123. Stencil

Commission Rate: 30%

Payout Scheme: Recurring

Cookie duration: 60 days

Stencil is a reliable image creation tool used by small businesses, bloggers, and social media marketers. Stencil’s affiliate program offers a 30% recurring commission every month from every user you refer to the platform.

124. Focus Camera

Commission Rate: 3%

Payout Scheme: Flat fee

Cookie duration: 30 days

Focus Camera is a trusted source for all kinds of camera and photography equipment both offline and online. Although its 3% commission rate might be too low, it is actually well on the average for the photography niche.

125. B&H Photo Video

Commission Rate: Up to 8%

Payout Scheme: Flexible

Cookie duration: 60 hours

B&H Photo may not be as famous as Focus Camera, but it is possibly the best and biggest affiliate program in the photography industry. The base commission starts at 2% and increases based upon performance. You can earn up to 8% commission with its ever-growing list of products from reputable brands.

How Do I Join Affiliate Programs?

Basically, there are 2 types of affiliate programs:

  • Self-hosted
  • Hosted by affiliate networks

The self-hosted programs are run by the company’s site using affiliate software tools. You join these by finding the program page and filling out the form to apply.

As for programs under affiliate networks, you join new programs in different verticals, see your commissions, view reporting, and grab your affiliate links to add to your website.

Either one offers manual or automatic approvals. Some programs just accept anyone, while others automatically add you if you accomplish specific benchmarks.

What Are the Best Affiliate Networks?


Formerly known as the Affiliate Window, Awin is a popular affiliate network providing access to more than 13,000 merchants. This gives you a lot of options for both digital and physical products. It carries big names such as HP, AliExpress, and Etsy. You will also find lots of smaller merchants in the network.

CJ by Conversant

Formerly called Commission Junction, CJ by Conversant has been in the affiliate industry for 2 decades now. It processes up to $15 billion in yearly sales and carries some of the biggest brands such as Overstock, GoPro, Office Depot, and Lowes.


A performance marketing network, Lemonads feature over 10,000 businesses that affiliates can promote. Lemonads affiliates get access to numerous tools for customer conversion and increasing revenue. As a matter of fact, 85% of publishers have seen an increase in their revenue within the first three months of using this network.


Formerly called LinkShare, Rakuten is another reliable affiliate network carrying big names such as Walmart, Macy’s, and Best Buy. It also features smaller merchants, although their network is not as large as CJ, Awin, or ShareASale.


ShareASale is probably the most renowned affiliate network out there. It houses affiliate programs for over 4,500 merchants, big and small. Like Awin, it is a great option for both physical and digital products. Here, you’ll find plenty of WordPress plugin and theme shops or hosting providers on the digital side. For the physical side, you can find merchants such as Reebok, Wayfair, plus thousands of medium-to-small businesses.


This concludes our roundup of the 125 best affiliate programs across several profitable niches. If you want to create another income stream that could pay you for life and with doing just a bit of work, you should sign up for any of my recommendations. That one successful promotion could convert several online visitors that will earn you recurring commissions.

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