We list down 18 of the best webinar software platforms of 2020 to help you choose the most cost-effective tool for your marketing campaign and online events.

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18+ Best Webinar Software Platforms For 2020 (+Ultimate Guide To …

With most events organized virtually because of the new normal, webinars have become more vital to businesses than ever. B2Bs mostly use them for webinar marketing. Many B2Cs are also catching on, probably due to COVID-19 forcing them to meet clients and staff on the virtual plane. 

The good news is, there are many webinar platforms to choose from. It all comes down to narrowing down options to what’s most suited for your goals. 

In this roundup review, I listed down the top 18+ webinar solutions that have gained popularity for one feature or another. 

Among the best webinar software for 2020, Demio is our top pick because it provides an all-in-one solution for:

  • Webinar marketing
  • Selling products and services
  • Educating your audience or clients
  • Providing value to attendees

Are you looking for a platform primarily for webinar automation or lead management (1)? We have something for you, too. 

How did we choose webinars to include in our list? 

We based it primarily on marketing goals. We look into features that help individuals or organizations raise awareness of their brands and gain customers. 

Our first consideration is the landing page builder or templates that a host can use to deliver a sales pitch. Then, we looked into engaging and interactive features, such as a feedback survey and a unique attendee link. 

Most importantly, we choose webinar platforms with analytics and rank them according to what delivers accurate and useful reports. 

What about the price and number of attendees? 

While these factors matter, choosing a webinar software platform primarily based on your budget doesn’t always mean the best deal. If you really want a wider reach and bigger returns, you need to look beyond the price and attendee limit. 

But let’s start with those factors, shall we? 

Webinar Platform

Trial Plan

Maximum Attendee Limit

Monthly Cost

for Max Attendee Limit

Session Limit









$83.25 *




$33.29 **








$239 *****



Not specified



Custom pricing


Webinars OnAir













1000 ***








2000 ***



Google Hangouts




Zoho Meeting










$9.99 ****




Custom pricing


* paid annually at $999

** paid bi-annually at $799

*** for live webinars, unlimited for recorded webinars

**** starting price

***** for live webinars, price is different for automated webinars

18 Best Webinar Software Platforms

Table of Contents


As a webinar platform that allows you to create both live and automated events with the least amount of effort, Demio definitely deserves the #1 spot. Because despite some of its flaws, it works as designed. 

Creating a webinar is simple yet offers a seamless webinar experience for both you and your audience. Participants can join in with just a few clicks. There is no need to download anything. 

If you plan to attract and convert leads, Demio also provides the marketing tools that you need to make this happen. 

What I really like about it is that live webinars are automatically recorded. You can then choose to download it or share it with people who missed the live session but still want to watch the event.



Demio Notable Features

Limited landing page optionsdemio landing page You can only choose between 3 landing page styles, all of which look almost similar and follow a minimal design. Because of the role of landing pages in building a marketing funnel, Demio seems to fall short in this area.  Beyond the aesthetics, however, Demio’s landing pages allow for decent customization. You can add a description, video, event, link, “add to my calendar” button, and other features on the registration page. When done right, a fully decked-out registration page is enough to generate leads.  If you prefer a different style or theme the next time you host an event, you can always use Demio’s integration features so you can create your own landing page.  On-point analytics Demio’s in-built tracking and analytics features are one of its more impressive features. You get stats in real-time when you run a webinar, so you’ll know how many people have joined and/or dropped off, what are the peak times, and the like. You can then use the data to improve your next webinar.  Whenever you want to access the report on a specific webinar, you just go to your dashboard, check out the list of webinars you created and each one will have a button for Recording and Insights. Click Insights and you’ll see that webinar’s analytics. Convenient event registration I could say easy and quick, but Demio already has that covered. What is convenient about its registration process is the “Stay registered” option for when attendees want to join a series of webinars.  This means they only need to register the first time for the rest of the webinar series, eliminating the hassle of signing up every time the next session is launched.  As already mentioned, Demio has a button that lets participants add the event to their calendar so they won’t miss it. Since this is available right on the registration page, you don’t need to go to your email to bookmark an event.  Demio has a lot more to offer. It is the best all-in-one solution, after all. Take advantage of the 14-day free trial and see Demio in action. You’ll have access to all the features included, so you can definitely decide for yourself if I’m right on the money or not.  

Who is Demio for?

It’s designed for marketers who want a dedicated webinar tool to host live events and the ability to generate more leads with automated replays.  Businesses looking to reach a wider audience and educate people about their products and services will also appreciate this platform.  What’s even better is that, as of this writing, Demio is offering a 50% discount for education companies and nonprofits who have been forced to go online due to this pandemic. 
webinar jam logo

WebinarJam is a highly flexible hosting software used by various industries and businesses for online marketing. It is an innovative solution for event streaming, webinar broadcasting, and live casting. 

It is compatible with all operating systems, mobile device platforms, and browsers and supports a variety of languages, allowing live streaming to thousands of attendees from anywhere. 



WebinarJam Notable Features

Pre-Designed Landing Pages With the WebinarJam page builder, you can maximize your registration with the pre-designed, professional-looking pages. It includes various point-and-click templates that you can customize as you please—logo, images, text copy, colors, and more.  The landing pages are also mobile responsive and come with free unlimited hosting. Also, if you are unsure which design will work best for your event, the system can rotate 2 designs while tracking in real-time which template brings in more registration to your event.  Analyticswebinar jam analytics WebinarJam does not cut any corners in the analytic department. It offers a built-in, comprehensive, state-of-the-art data analytics toolkit.  It allows you to analyze a broad range of metrics, including registrations, total visitors, replay watched, people in the room, landing page views, the number of clicks and so much more! Furthermore, it allows you to leverage the actionable insights from the data-driven results so you can target leads who are most likely to do business with you. Talk about spending your energy cost-effectively.  One-Click Registration The goal for webinars is to encourage the maximum number of customers to register. For this, you’ll need to ensure that the registration process is as simple and easy as possible.  WebinarJam offers its one-click registration (2). You only need to send the “Click to Register” to your entire mailing list, and anyone who clicks the link will automatically be registered for your webinar.  Thus, you can effectively convert your CTR to your webinar registration conversion rate without the hassle. It is an attractive choice to increase attendance for your events and webinars as compared to manually filling-up forms. 

Who is WebinarJam For?

WebinarJam is a great webinar tool to use as part of any marketing campaign where webinars and event hosting are relevant. The ideal users would be businesses that want to reach out to a larger audience in a seamless and scalable way.  In addition, WebinarJam is suitable for:
  • Small to medium-sized businesses
  • Website owners looking to create more engaging content
  • Online entrepreneurs selling services or products
  • Startups looking to offer product education and scalable product demos
  • Professional coaches and trainers

Check  out the WebinarJam review and learn more!

everwebinar logo

EverWebinar is a product of Genesis Digital that focuses on webinar automation. In fact, it is the automated arm of WebinarJam, which covers live sessions. So your live event from WebinarJam is automated by EverWebinar, providing you seamless webinar solutions.

Small to medium-sized businesses can increase their sales by converting their existing webinars or one-time events into an automated event that can be replayed for the benefit of potential customers and new attendees. What makes EverWebinar one of the best webinar tools despite its limited functionality is that it turns live webinars into evergreen ones.  

By importing past events and using the automation-filled features of EverWebinar, you can produce the feel and look of your original webinars and live events as often as you want without actually being present. 



EverWebinar Notable Features

Point-And-Click Landing Pageseverwebinar landing page EverWebinar offers professionally designed templates that are built to convert. You can select from a library of beautiful templates and customize each one. If you wish to host those landing pages in EverWebinar, you will have access to free unlimited hosting. Or if you want to plug the registration form directly on your own website, you can simply copy-paste the embeddable widget. Analytics With EverWebinar, you get performance stats in real-time. It comes with comprehensive analytic tools to monitor your webinar performance as well as your attendees. You can use it to analyze a broad range of data such as the number of attendees, total attendees, number of products sold, number of clicks on your landing page, dollar-per-registrant values and so much more! Seamless Import from WebinarJam One thing to note is that Genesis Digital is also the creator of WebinarJam. So, if you are a WebinarJam user, you can import all your previous live webinars to EverWebinar and automatically convert them into an evergreen event with just a click of a button. Everything will be replicated as it happened live, second by second— every chat line, live session video, every product offer, every poll, and more. This creates the illusion that some form of interaction is going on. You do have the option to stay in the background during a replay and chat with attendees.

Who is EverWebinar For?

  • B2B companies looking to automate product demos, do a live Q&A and sales pitch, and collect qualified lead emails of people who have a high interest in their products.
  • Bloggers who want to have a face-to-face webinar with loyal readers and fans, selling coaching programs and other services, or offering free advice.
  • Educators who want to re-use the same content while keeping their students engaged with a live webinar environment.
  • Managers and HR who wish to train their entire team with the same webinar content.
  • SaaS companies that use evergreen webinars to showcase speakers and educate customers. 

A product of LogMeIn, one of the most reputable SaaS companies, GoToWebinar is a trusted product offering webinar solutions and powering millions of webinars every year.

Whether you use webinars for training, marketing, or communications, GoToWebinar provides reliable technology that is super simple and easy to use. Moreover, you get all the webinar solutions, integrations, and analytics that you need in one place. 



GoToWebinar Notable Features

Promoting Your Webinar With GoToStagepromoting gotowebinar to gotostage

GoToStage (3) is one of the best features of this webinar platform. It is a comprehensive tool that allows you to introduce webinars to a broader audience. Use it to create custom registration landing pages, webinar invitations, as well as automated email reminders, so you do not miss out on any visitor.

GoToStage.com is where all the webinars are published, and you have the chance to land a spot on the front page of this platform. This puts you at the forefront of a broader audience because people who attend GoToWebinar sessions annually are invited to check out featured content, which could be yours. Did we mention that invites go by the millions?

Comprehensive Analytics

GoToWebinar generates analytical insights on your webinars’ performance, helping you discover what you can improve and enhance. 

It allows you to track attendees, monitor the audience, as well as analyze how many attendees were attentive during your webinars.

The analytics dashboard also shows you the overall perspective of past webinars and allows you to compare with your current events to determine any areas for improvement.

The analytical data is available in graphical representation, and you can download them in excel file format.

Large Audience Accommodation

GoToWebinar excels in this aspect. The platform allows you to accommodate up to 2,000 participants without affecting video or audio quality. Besides, you can add up to 6 moderators to simultaneously share and view your webcam without a problem!

Who is GoToWebinar For?

GoToWebinar is an excellent solution for sole proprietors, small to medium businesses, and large enterprises looking for a webinar service provider that allows them to deliver video conferences to stockholders, customers, colleagues, or just about any large audience— whether as a part of their marketing campaigns, knowledge sharing, or training. 

Use GoToWebinar if you want a webinar platform with the most basic of features, without a live chat, Q&A feature, and Clickable Button/CTA, but comes with a mobile app (see webinarjam vs demio vs gotowebinar vs everwebinar).

clickmeeting logo

This webinar hosting software offers the power and benefits of webinars to organizations of various sizes, from small to multinational firms. This web-based webinar solution is renowned for its user-friendliness, where the process of planning a presentation to interaction and follow-ups are made easier with readily available tools.

Since the platform is browser-based, there’s no need to download and install any software. This means it also works on all OS and devices. Thanks to its interactive tools and rich features, businesses can now easily create webinars perfect for demonstrating their expertise, sharing their knowledge, and generating sales.



ClickMeeting Notable Features

Customizable Registration and Web Page

With ClickMeeting, your registration form serves as your data provider, collecting useful information about your audience. To boost attendance, you can customize it and add your company’s signature colors and logo. It can also automatically redirect participants to your custom web page.

ClickMeeting also allows you to create an outstanding profile page with the look and feel of your brand. Here, you can include information about your upcoming events or downloadable files. It also makes your profile page more shareable with the social media sharing buttons.

All-Inclusive Analytics

ClickMeeting allows you to view and export detailed data about your webinars and obtain some useful trends and predictions. Statistics include webinar summary, attendee statistics, performance rating, and survey summaries.

In addition, their analytics tool gathers feedback from your audience that can help you improve your performance and content.

YouTube and Facebook Streamingclick meeting youtube and facebook streaming

With this feature, you can make the most out of your webinar live events. By streaming on YouTube or Facebook, you can expand the reach of your webinar content and engage your audience on social media. It is super easy to set up and allows you to boost your content’s visibility and generate more leads!

Who is ClickMeeting For?

ClickMeeting is beneficial for teachers for sharing knowledge, educating, and imparting unique skills. Also, a large company can use it for training existing employees and onboarding new ones.

ClickMeeting can also help a business do product demos, educate customers, and gain new leads. Likewise, the best remote jobs websites might also consider this webinar hosting software.

cisco webex logo

WebEx from Cisco is a flexible video and audio-conferencing solution designed for businesses and organizations of all sizes. Available in various plans, it can hold several meetings while providing users with real-time experience.

With WebEx, you get to choose between two options: 

  • WebEx Events allows you to host webinars for at least 3,000 participants for corporate events and large meetings. 
  • WebEx webcasting helps you expand the reach of your message to at least 100,000 attendees with the professionally-produced webcast and white-glove service. 

What’s even better is that signing up to create a free webinar is quick and doesn’t require a credit card.



WebEx Notable Features

Customizable Web Page As WebEx says, “Your Webinar, your way.” This webinar platform allows you to show off your brand’s theme with its customizable webinar, registration website, and invitations. You can change the color scheme, add your own logo, and more. In addition, you can register attendees with tailored forms. Customize the enrollment process with questions that allow you to score, track, monitor, and follow up on leads.   WebEx Analytics WebEx Analytics is a simple yet extensive tool that you can use to see all essential data from your meetings. You can see your organization’s usage data for calling, messaging, and meetings. It also offers detailed data regarding every single call and meeting that occurs within your organization. The in-depth data allows you to browse through specific meetings, the users who attended, the time browser or devices they use to join, and even the time they joined and left. Meanwhile, Data Manipulation allows admins to manipulate data in real-time, allowing them to identify noteworthy points and trends. AI Assistantwebex ai assistance image With the new AI-powered WebEx Assistant, you can now host more engaging and productive meetings. You can spend less time managing the whole meeting and more on focusing on what’s happening through its automatic note-taking, post-meeting follow-ups, live transcription capturing action items, and voice controls. 

Who is WebEx For?

WebEx is designed for organizations and businesses of all sizes. Businesses can use its video conferencing service to host webinars and virtual meetings with a large number of audiences outside and inside the organization.  Managers and employers can also use WebEx Teams to specifically allow staff to connect and collaborate with ease.

GetResponse is a reliable marketing and webinar software solution that allows you to create content, boost sales, and increase traffic to your website. With its integrated email marketing, landing page builder, autoresponders, and webinar software, you can grow your company with ease. 

Use the software to automate essential tasks, increase engagement and conversions, and launch an effective marketing campaign. This is well-suited for mid-sized and small businesses that are just starting with digital marketing.



GetResponse Notable Features

Easy-to-Build Landing Pagesget response landing page creator GetResponse allows you to build stunning landing pages that can help increase your traffic and leads conversion. There are ready-made, mobile-responsive and high-converting templates that you can use. There’s also a built-in image editor that allows you to complete the look of your landing page with engaging gifs from Giphy and awesome photos from Shutterstock. With the drag-and-drop editor, you can easily build your landing page in a few minutes. You can add pop-ups, countdown timer, downloadable contents, sign-up forms and so much more. Convenient Reporting GetResponse makes it very convenient for you to view all your campaigns on a single page, showing top-level information on your marketing campaign. It has a simple yet powerful tracking tool that offers a brief overview of your campaigns via pie chart and raw numbers.  In addition, for every report, you can view which subscribers within the email list performed a provided action. GetResponse Analytics also integrates with tried-and-tested Google Analytics. Webinar Integration GetResponse webinar platform seamlessly integrates with the GetResponse email marketing, allowing you to host demos, product announcements, events, and training sessions.  The features of the webinar include presentation sharing, polls, chat moderation, VoIP capabilities, chat moderation, attendee management, and more. Additionally, GetResponse allows users to decide whether the webinar will be open to everyone or password-protected for better security.

Who is GetResponse For?

GetResponse is a great marketing automation suite that’s ideal for several people and objectives. In general, GetResponse is best for:
  • Bloggers
  • Affiliate marketers
  • E-Commerce companies
  • Small business websites
  • Beginners in online marketing
  • Non-profit organizations
  • Marketers who frequently use webinars and landing pages
  • Online course creators

8. Webinars OnAir

webinarsonair logo

Webinars OnAir is a complete webinar solution for Google+ Hangouts. The platform positions itself as a tool that can provide all the webinar features that you need. It is used to record webinars, take polls, share screens and so much more. It allows users to automatically send invitations, follow-up emails, and reminders to registrants or participants. 

Available since 2012, Webinars OnAir allows you to host and create high-quality webinars that are focused on boosting your sales and for monetization.



Webinars OnAir Notable Features

End-of-Webinar Redirecting

Instead of just ending your webinar, Webinar OnAir allows you to redirect your webinar attendees to lead-capture or sales pages at the end of each session, making it one of the best webinar platforms for increased engagement. It also comes with customizable templates that allow users to create white-label content. With a single click, you can easily send them to your customized landing page, sales page, or a capture page.

Attendee Tracking

Webinar OnAir provides a comprehensive tracking report of your webinar attendees. You get to see data of all attendees who joined across all webinar sessions in one place. 

Also, the tracking report is presented in eye-catching graphics as well as an easy-to-read report, providing you with a clearer picture of the performance of your webinars.

Paid Webinars and Product Sellingpaid webinar page

Earn from your webinar sessions by charging your attendees for joining a session. This means creating a premium webinar and making money from it. Payments can be made through PayPal. 

In addition, once you go live on your webinars, you can sell products in the middle of your presentation and allow your attendees to buy those products on the spot. You can easily flash your offer to your attendees, and they simply click your offer. This helps dramatically increase your sales.

Who is Webinars OnAir For?

It is suitable for businesses and organizations of all sizes looking to increase sales and to monetize their webinars on a budget. Trainers and coaches can use to earn from their courses.

zoom logo

Zoom is exclusively designed for teaching online courses, hosting webinars, video demonstrations, online training, video conference, and virtual meetings. It is an easy-to-use online software that integrates all these online activities into one cloud-based platform.



Zoom Notable Features

Customizable Landing Pageszoom landing page Zoom allows you to customize your webinar registration page with a title, color scheme, information about the host/speaker, banners, and logos. You can also choose a post attendee URL. This link will redirect users to the Zoom launcher page. You can also customize the social media descriptions that will be included when your registration link is shared on LinkedIn or Facebook. Comprehensive Dashboard and Reporting The Zoom dashboards show a real-time look at your Zoom meetings, including users by meeting minutes, geographic locations by users, usage by meeting, and more. Not only that, but you can also see who’s hosting meetings right now and the features being used. Meanwhile, Reporting shows you historic data on your Zoom meetings and users in customized timeframes. You can get a Usage Report, Daily Report, Telephony Usage Report, and even a report on Inactive users. Also, a subset of Reporting, the Webinar Reports gives in-depth analytics to any webinars you hosted, including who registered and attended, polls, and Q&A reports. Large Audience Accommodation A prominent feature of this platform is its video webinar functionality that can accommodate a large audience. The size of the participants that a zoom video webinar caters to is scalable, ranging from 100 – 10,000 view-only attendees as well as 100 interactive video participants. With this feature, the users can invite other participants to join the Zoom webinar through a link that can be shared with instant messengers and social media platforms. Also, users can invite attendees via email that is done instantly through integrations with email software.

Who is Zoom For?

Zoom is for all users who wish to conduct a seamless video conference for teaching or training purposes and provide their audience with a satisfying and professional experience. Specifically, Zoom is useful for large enterprises and corporations, medium to small businesses, healthcare organizations, and educational institutions.
vimeo livestream loogo

Livestream is not a full-fledged webinar platform, but rather a system that is designed to create studio-like live streaming. The idea here is to use multiple cameras, lighting, and professional audio equipment for high-end productions, including corporate webinars. 

Although it lacks webinar marketing features, it still made our list of top webinar platforms because it offers hands-free recording and streaming live productions of the highest quality possible. It provides event owners a complete set of software and hardware tools to power up and to share their events online.



Livestream Notable Features

Feature-Rich Landing Page and Channel Page Livestream provides a fully-featured landing page and channel page that is highly configurable and feature-rich. You can control almost every item that will appear on the page. You can upload a custom watermark, banner logo, schedule upcoming events as well as social media support.  Comprehensive Channel Metrics Livestream also offers comprehensive channel metrics to give you insights on your live streaming and webinars. Analytics includes the number of daily viewers, daily streams, viewer minutes, daily peak viewers, geolocation, as well as the location of referrers and embedded players.  All these analytics reports can be customized for a specific date range and can be exported and printed into PDF.  High-End Production + Advanced Editingvimeo advanced editing Livestream is a professional production suite for film crews as well as production exports. With this platform, you give your live events a professional look without hiring the experts. You can easily share your screen and add full-screen graphics, lower thirds, and logos straight from your browser.  Livestream also allows you to connect to any type of camera to your computer and switch between fades, add pre-recorded video, create layered broadcast graphics, green screen, pictures within pictures, and master everything with its audio mixer. 

Who is Livestream For?

Livestream is most suitable for brands and film crews who want to produce professional-grade live video content for streaming across several online platforms. The webinar platform comes as an added feature.
webinar ninja logo

WebinarNinja calls itself an all-in-one webinar marketing platform suitable for meeting your conversion goals. This conversion-centric platform makes it easy for you to educate, market, and sell products and services via webinars.

From integrations with major CRM platforms to built-in notifications and marketing tools and timed offers, WebinarNinja is designed to help you convert your attendees into customers. Moreover, it is easy to set up and does not skimp on user-friendliness. It’s hard to find a WebinarNinja review where ease of use and user-friendliness are not mentioned, which is a testament to how clean and simplified the platform is for the users. 



WebinarNinja Notable Features

Landing Page Templates That Convertwebinar ninja custom registration WebinarNinja offers several tested, high converting Thank You and registration page templates that are customizable. You can use the built-in Thank You page or redirect your audience to a custom Thank You page on your website. There’s no need for extra software or coding skills. You only need to use their live Page Builder editor, customize it as you want by adding your own images, logo, calendar feature, social sharing buttons, and videos. Also, you can save your customized templates in your template gallery for reuse. Statistics Reporting WebinarNinja provides you with important insights on your webinars’ performance. You can measure attendance and conversion rates easily with their built-in analytics tools as well as track retention rates or offer clicks. What’s more, you can export your registrants’ data, questions, chat history, polls, and time with just a single click. You can then analyze them in greater detail. It’s one of the webinar tools that will help you capture leads based on data.  Runs Different Webinars WebinarNinja allows you to run different types of webinars including:
  • Live Webinars: Live events taking place at a specific time and date.
  • Series Webinars: A Series of live events or webinars, all of which are scheduled.
  • Automated Webinars: This is a pre-recorded webinar or replay running on a schedule
  • Hybrid Webinars: This is a pre-recorded webinar in which the hose is live and present to interact in chat as well as answering questions.

Who is WebinarNinja For?

WebinarNinja is a great option for businesses and marketers looking for a reliable and modern webinar platform that can help them convert leads and prospects. This is especially true if you are running a small webinar or event for less than 100 attendees. Create an event at a slightly more competitive price. 
livestorm logo

As a web-based live webinar software, Livestorm makes online events easier and more efficient to host. It is a rapidly growing webinar platform that comes with some sophisticated interface.

It understands that webinars can be created in any form, thus, offering you various options to flawlessly achieve this— from live webinars to the hybrid-style webinars.



Livestorm Notable Features

Custom Registration Pageslivestorm custom registration Livestorm allows you to customize your registration pages for branding. You can add your logo, change the color schemes, and embed images. If you have your own landing page made, then you can simply embed your registration form. Your audience will register on your website but Livestorm still catches the data. If you ever need more information on your audience, you can now create more custom fields that you need. Optimized Analytics Livestorm offers you a powerful analytics tool so you can easily analyze all your webinar data. It captures the source of registration as well as getting the referrers and UTMs for any webinar registrants.  There’s also a Participation Report where you know the number of participants and the detailed information on all registrants. Plus, all your teammates get access to attendee information, making it easier for group analysis of the results. Versatile Webinar Styles Livestorm can accommodate and run various styles of events. 
  • Recurring events: Hosting a webinar with multiple sessions and the same landing page, but visitors can choose the date of choice.
  • On-Demand Webinars: Allows you to upload a recorded video and let your audience watch your webinars on their terms.
  • Pre-Recorded Webinars: Allows you to record your live webinars and play it over and over again without worries.
  • Iframe mode: This feature allows you to choose to integrate Twitch, Livestream, YouTube Live, or just about any other live video streaming platform into your webinar room.

Who is Livestorm For?

Livestorm is a versatile platform that is suitable for businesses that need to perform product demonstrations to help boost sales. Also, it is suitable for online customer training since the live sessions allow the attendees to share exclusive updates and exchange questions. This platform is also used to conduct online courses and collect feedback on the lessons. Apart from webinars, this is also suitable for conducting interviews or assessing job applicants.

EasyWebinar is a highly versatile webinar solution that allows you to run live webinars and automatically stream recorded presentations in real-time.  It is an excellent webinar platform for managing marketing strategies—from lead generation to customer acquisition as well as interactive client training and onboarding. This video conferencing software boasts modern tech and is super easy to use. 



EasyWebinar Notable Features

Customizable Webinar Pages EasyWebinar allows you to use the out-of-the-box page templates and customized them to fit your brand. You can customize your registration page’s colors, logo, and text so it will remain consistent with your brand. Along with the schedule, replays go out right from the registration page.  EasyWebinar also offers the registration embed option, allowing you to host a registration form on your own website, along with landing page builders or in your own member’s areas.  After the webinar, you can use the platform’s standard “thank you” page to set-up a custom URL as your post-registration Thank You web page.  Advanced Analytics & Reporting EasyWebinar features advanced analytics and reporting tools that allow you to review the performance of your webinar and get actionable info that can help improve your future events.  You can quickly see how many registrants attended your event and the number of attendees who left early or finished the entire event. The platform also tracks individual engagement of attendees, allowing you to view specific attendees from your event as well as live chat messages sent during the webinar.  Lastly, with just a click of a button, you can export all these data into an easy-to-read and simple  CSV report with even more specific attendee data.  Integration with CRM Marketing Automationeasywebinar integrations EasyWebinar allows you to easily and quickly add webinar registrants to your email provider.  You can even trigger specific campaigns based on the user’s action. For instance, specific emails are sent to a user who registered but failed to attend the live webinar, to ask questions, or follow-up with a user who viewed certain offers but did not click on them.  With this comprehensive integration with popular email platforms, you can seamlessly and quickly implement your marketing strategies.

Who is EasyWebinar For?

EasyWebinar is an excellent webinar software that allows businesses to implement online meetings and remote training, conferences, and marketing. Thus, it is mainly used by service providers, entrepreneurs, authors, and consultants.  Its video marketing software can also be used as the backbone of businesses to generate customers via interactive training. This platform can also be used in the field of education as well as in the non-profit arena. 

The Zoho brand is known for its wide range of simple and affordable products. The Zoho Meetings Software provides smaller businesses with a cheaper and affordable way to conduct webinars and conferences. 

Not only that, but Zoho Meeting also calls itself as a secure webinar solution and online meeting platform you can rely on. It follows protocols to protect information and data online through encryptions and compliance to internationally-accepted privacy and security standards.  



Zoho Meeting Notable Features

Customizable registration formszoho meeting customizable registration

Zoho Meeting allows you to customize your registration forms by adding your company logo and name to promote your brand. Also, you can insert custom questions and fields in your registration form to gather the information that you need from your attendees. 

Then, you can embed the webinar registration links on your web pages, social media, or blogs to reach your targeted audience. 

Comprehensive Webinar Reports

Zoho Meeting also allows you to analyze and follow up with its comprehensive webinar reports. You can get valuable insights by looking at the poll numbers and total percentages. You can also recheck questions that your attendees asked as well as the answers provided. 

In terms of performance, Zoho Meeting also provides you with a report of the overall impact of your webinar by looking at the number of users who registered, attended, asked questions, and participated in polls. 

You can also download a consolidated report of the attendees and registrants along with their email addresses, country, participation status, and even the time they register. 

Sophisticated Security

Zoho Meetings is very committed to protecting the privacy of its clients and their data while you conduct online meetings using video, audio, and screen sharing. 

The platform offers several security features that keep your meeting and webinars safe from disruptions, including the Entry/Exit notifications, organization-level video settings, and Lock Meetings function. 

This webinar platform also encrypts video, audio, and screen sharing to keep the data and information safe as it travels through the web. 

Who is Zoho MeetingFor?

Zoho Meeting is an excellent conferencing solution for single users, such as teachers and consultants as well as small to large size organizations. This platform can be used to host webinars (e.g. for work from home jobs), user education, engaging customers, product launches, sales presentations, and online meetings.

Honorable Mentions

google meet logo

Anyone with a Google account can use Google Meet to host enterprise-grade video conferences. If you’re planning to create an online meeting, you can use this platform to invite up to 100 participants for a meeting that can last up to 60 minutes. 

As of this writing up to Sept 30, 2020, one session can run up to 24 hours. Not that you’ll need that much time to host an event. 

For personal use, you only need your Google account to use the platform. For business use, you need to be a G Suite user to sign in. You can choose among Free, G Suite Essentials, and G Suite Enterprise Essentials plans. 

The G Suite is also how schools, businesses, and other organizations can access advanced features, such as meeting recordings saved to Google Drive. 



Google Meet Notable Features

Unlimited number of meetingsgoogle meet meeting image This feature is available on all plans including the most basic. Although you can only invite up to 100 participants using the free version, this is more than enough for most webinar events.  Live captioning  During live meetings, live captions are displayed automatically and in real-time. This is thanks to Google’s speech recognition technology, which will prove vital for hearing-impaired participants. Available only in English.  Preview screen  After you click a meeting link or code, you can see a preview of how you look and sound before you join. If anything is wrong, you can adjust the camera and microphone. You can also see a preview from the same screen as other people who joined.  Device Compatibility Google Meet works across different devices, from your desktop to your mobile phone. Anyone who wants to join the meeting can do on any device as well, including from the Google Nest Hub Max. As long as you have a Google account, you can join a Google Meet from any device.  Security, compliance, and privacy By default, anti-abuse measures are turned on to prevent abuse and hijacking. These include multiple 2-step verifications and other encryption features.

Who is Google Meet for?

It’s used by a wide range of companies, such as AI-powered social media marketing company Socialbakers and house cleaning service provider Justmop. Many developers also use this webinar platform.  Basically, anyone with a Google account and wants to host a webinar for whatever purpose can use this app. 
dacast logo

DaCast is the very first online video platform with a complete SaaS approach. It provides a suite of features via cloud computing that include on-demand video hosting, high definition live broadcasting, as well as video and secure monetization tools.

The DaCast OVP allows broadcasters to host video content and start streaming in just a few minutes.

Also, what makes it unique, is that unlike other webinar platforms, DaCast is not a subscription-based solution, making it ideal for those who only hold live events and video streaming from time to time.



DaCast Notable Features

White Label System DaCast allows the full re-skinning of the platform with its White Label System. You can re-design the entire platform to fit your brand image as well as your market offerings. You can also customize the interface to fit your needs. Also, DaCast allows you to host events over a secure and high-traffic event website. Real-Time Analyticsdacast analytic dashboard DaCast provides excellent analytics for assessing both low latency and HTML5 live video streams. You can track real-time data consumption by location, the total number of times a video was played, the number of concurrent viewers, and so much more. This information and data can help you enhance the quality of your channel. Other analytics reports include overall viewership, revenue reports, and data consumptions. You can also analyze how engaging your content is as well as how engaged your visitors are. You can dig deeper into each user’s data and determine how long each user spends watching your content as well as their location. DaCast API An interesting feature of DaCast is its API. It allows complete access to the code base of DaCast, even every DaCast feature is included. This way, users can easily control their content as per their needs, while also having active control on other features such as streaming, monetization, and uploading. With the API feature, you can enjoy integration between streaming, online videos, and the already existing media workflows.

Who is DaCast For?

DaCast is an excellent video streaming solution, allowing content media companies and content creators to stream their video content from a low-latency and secure platform.  Thus, DaCast is mainly used by small and medium businesses, large enterprises, as well as entertainment, government, sports, media, education, religious groups, and many other community groups. 

Formerly known as Freebinar, AnyMeeting is a provider of webinar services and web conferencing for small businesses. AnyMeeting allows users to host as well as attend a web meeting and conference and share their screens with other remote users through the web. 

This webinar service is a web-based software application that users can access via web browsers. Commonly, this means software delivery is referred to as SaaS or Software as a Service.



AnyMeeting Notable Features

Informative Landing Pageanymeeting landing page One of the best things about AnyMeeting is that it has an informative landing page. You can use the AnyMeeting Public Profile as a landing page so that you will be able to direct potential attendees to this page. This is one great way to direct traffic to all your upcoming webinars.  Analytics AnyMeeting has built-in reporting that allows you to see who attended your webinars and for how long. Further, evaluating quizzes and surveys is also possible. You can also review your engagement data with AnyMeeting. Excellent Security Meetings that will be held in this webinar platform can be protected with encrypted passwords. Even meeting recordings can be password protected as well.

Who is AnyMeeting For?

AnyMeeting is for small and medium-sized businesses across all industries such as real estate, financial services, professional services, health care, and more. It can be also used for those who are specializing in remote workforces.  If you want to charge a fee to attend your meeting or want to restrict access, AnyMeeting is also for you.
livewebinar logo

LiveWebinar is a cloud-based web conference tool and platform that can help users conduct and manage their own interactive and personalized webinars, training sessions, and e-learning with their audience. Aside from live chats and screen and file sharing, you can also use the platform to record and live-stream your sessions in high-definition by way of various web browsers.



LiveWebinar Notable Features

Custom Branding Pages LiveWebinar has multiple templates for branding and you can pick one during a specific event. Optionally, a single template can be set as a default template that you can use across all your events. Analytics This platform has multiple marketing automation and CRM (customer relationship management) tools that can help in generating insights into webinar statistics and meeting. Data derived from phone bridge meetings, events, and sessions can be utilized to generate reports with detailed information on the session timings, location of participants, attendance, participants, and devices used. You can also download the report in different formats like PDF, CSV, and XLS. Whiteboard Functionlivewebinar whiteboard function image LiveWebinar has a whiteboard function that can help presenters illustrate their ideas to the audience. This function is a great tool for e-learning because it will allow the lecturer to offer impromptu examples by making notes and drawing graphs to further supplement the presentation. This function also helps to improve engagement. 

Who is LiveWebinar for?

LiveWebinar is ideal for users who are planning to conduct e-learning, training sessions, and personalized webinars. If you are looking for a webinar platform that has HD live streaming capabilities that can be accessed on different social media sites, you can never go wrong with LiveWebinar.This platform, on the other hand, can help those who want to extend their reach and generate a larger engagement. It is also for presenting demos of your products and raising awareness of your brand via the presentation of your services.

Wrapping it up

Now that you have the details you need to help you choose the best webinar software, you should get started right away. I recommend using online webinar software so you don’t need to install anything. If you choose a platform that requires app download, however, then the choice is entirely up to you. What matters most is that you get to use the features you need to host a webinar that is engaging and high-converting. 


The answer entirely depends on what you need a webinar for. As you can see in the webinar software comparison we presented, some webinar solutions are best for marketing while others are suited for training and educating your audience.

You can use Zoom to host a webinar but because the platform is designed more for video conferencing than webinars, it lacks some of the features that other online webinar platforms offer.

It depends on the webinar hosting software that you use. A majority of webinar programs are browser-based but some will require you and your audience to download and install the software to run and attend a webinar, respectively.

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