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Hi there, my name is Allan and I am the man behind this blog. 

So let me tell you about my first mistake trying to be an entrepreneur: After finishing my university degree in civil engineering and suffering through my 80 hour week construction job, I quit at the end of 2014 (just shy of 1 year into it). I could not take it anymore and knew there had to be something better. This job changed me. It gave me the drive to start my own business. 

Here is where I went wrong. I started an ice-cream store. Don’t get me wrong, I am not saying this is wrong but it did not solve my problem of working less and earning more. In the end, the business made money and was successful but with all the time spent on the business I still had to put in the work hours to make money. Essentially I was still trading my time for money.

Now when winter came (ice-cream off season) my old company reached out to me an offered me a another job with higher pay and less hours than before. I had just flew back from China and sourced my first products for my new e-commerce business (fulfillment by Amazon) I was in the process of starting. I accepted the job but set a goal that when my Amazon business match my income at this job, I would quit for the last time. I spent every spare minute of each day before, during and after work on building my business (or passive income). 

After just one month into my new job, I was already making money in my sleep selling products online. The feeling of making your first dollar without trading time for money is indescribable. I was hooked and it made me work even harder. Seven months into this chapter of my life and I was able to achieve my goal of matching my income from my online business with my current engineering job. The resignation papers were handed in and the rest is history.

I started travelling the world and living the digital nomad life. During this time, I was also able to venture into creating blogs using affiliate seo as the main method of monetization. This has now become my main method of making and it truly is the most passive way to make money online in my opinion. You don’t need your own product like Amazon FBA, you don’t have customer support to worry about. You simply just recommend people products you believe in and believe will help your audience. That’s it, once they buy the product, your job is done, no further steps required.

My mission on Dotcom Dollar is to help you start, grow and successfully monetize your blog to become financially independent in the process. If you put your heart and mind to it, I believe you can achieve financial freedom.

On this blog I aim to be your all-in-one resource for Bloggers. I cover topics from software buying guides to traffic generation, monetization methods and the latest news in this growing space.

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Allan Borch

Founder and editor at DotcomDollar.com