In this list of 105+ profitable niches, don’t just settle for profit. Choose a niche business you’re passionate about and can EARN from as well.

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105+ Profitable Niche Ideas for 2023 (List Based On Trending …

  • Updated January 5, 2023
  • Updated January 5, 2023

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Fact: Any niche business is only as good as how it’s understood and leveraged for profit. 

That is to say, niche products can range from a diverse number of interests and hobbies. Some don’t even exist yet! 

Social media, for example, emerged only recently and has now become one of the top niches. 

Here’s what you should remember: Choosing a niche comes down to what interests you; or put frankly: your passion.

You can break it down further into sub-niches or even a micro-niche that works well for you. 

Once you’ve identified your passion, focus on building traffic. Before all that, let’s talk about the 105+ options you have. 

What is a Niche Market?

A niche market is a smaller piece of a larger market that carries its own identity, preferences, wants, and needs that make it different from the larger market. 

For example, in the lifestyle market, a niche market would be selling organic ingredients or organic food. 

In the pet market, it could be apparel with personalized pet images, jewelry with pet engravings, etc. Below is an example of custom pet pajamas from Patricia’s Couture.

There is an endless list of niche products and niche ideas to explore. Some of the ways you can define a niche is through: 

  • Demographics (Age, gender, education, religion) 
  • Quality (Handmade, economical, premium) 
  • Geographics (residents of a city, country, or continent)
  • Psychology (behavior, perception, beliefs, values) 
  • Price (premium, affordable/budget, moderate)

To get a better overview of building your niche business or taking part in an untapped market, I’ll be sharing with you a profitable niches list to guide you. 

105+ Profitable Niche Ideas

The most profitable niches are determined by your passion, traffic, and ability to share your knowledge. 

Niche industries, for instance, try different, creative ways to market popular niches in the best way it provides value for their audience. 

Hopefully, you’ll be able to find what is the most profitable niche market in the up and coming niches list below.

Health Industry

1. Coffee Niche

Market Value: $102,279.2 Million
Difficulty Level: ★★☆☆☆
Google Trend:

Coffee is linked to various health benefits such as the lower risk of early death, heart disease, stroke, improved antioxidant responses & reduced inflammation, etc. 

You can find the full article here (1).

Coffee stands as one of the niche market opportunities with great stability.

How to Succeed in This Niche

Coffee is one of the most if not the highest profitable niches.

Affiliate programs, coffee reviews e.g equipment, beans, methods, and selling guides are some of the best ways to approach this niche. 

Coffee art is even fascinating to watch and makes for great visual attraction on platforms such as Instagram and Pinterest. 

Bean Ground is a successful coffee blog with brewing tips, gear, beans, and coffee knowledge. 

Coffee In My Veins covers similar categories as Bean Ground including a coffee and health category.

There are diverse niche website ideas to include in your coffee blog. 

What it takes to succeed in this niche is your coffee knowledge to guide users on how they can enjoy their coffee along with its health benefits.

How To Monetize the Site:                              
  • Affiliate Marketing/Blogging
  • Online Video Tutorials 
  • Sell guidebooks, tips, and hacks
  • Sell your own coffee products
  • Create a paid membership community for premium coffee content

2. Weight loss

Market Value: $72 billion
Difficulty Level: ★★☆☆☆
Google Trend:

This not only has great stability but also everyone wants to lose weight in some way or another. Preferably fast and effective, however.

How to Succeed in This Niche

Two ways: Blogging & Affiliate Marketing. 

Just take a look at how high the CPC is for the keyword, weight loss:

Source: ShoutMeLoud

The sheer number of products on Amazon related to weight loss is massive and with the crazy demand for weight loss on your side, what’s left for you to do is to write great content. 

You could also create Apps that include food tracker services, a barcode scanner to monitor food intake, etc. like what MyFitnessPal did:

Source: Burn the Fat Inner Circle

Be sure to choose a specific target group in the weight loss niche. Due to how broad this niche is, you can’t target everyone. 

Set an age group and if you can narrow it down even further to specific body parts, that would really help as well.

How To Monetize the Site:                            
  • Blogging
  • Affiliate program
  • Online video tutorials  
  • Online coaching for weight loss
  • Sponsored content
  • Creating meal plans targeted specifically for weight loss
  • Selling motivational content + weight loss products or content material

3. Structural Health (Yoga, Physical therapy, Massage therapy)

Market Value: $80 billion alone for Yoga
Difficulty Level: ★★☆☆☆
Google Trend:

Everyone is seeking a way to live longer and fitter, to lose weight, and feel stronger and healthier. 

Not only is this broad for you to find your place in, but also one of the top-paying niches to date.

How to Succeed in This Niche:

For physical therapy, affiliate programs and blogging work best. 

Your job in blogging about content related to physical therapy is not to sell, but to guide your audience in the right direction. 

There are a variety of physiotherapy products available on Amazon and a site called Ireliev, which offers 15% on affiliate commissions.

Source: IReliev

For yoga, your options to make money are boundless. 

Workshops, live events, online yoga classes, and selling physical products are just some of the ways to succeed in this niche. 

Druyoga, a yoga site,  does this well:

Source: Druyoga

It’s no surprise after all yoga is not only on the list but even as part of trending niches 2019 and one of the top niches 2019 as well.

How To Monetize the Site:                            
  • Affiliate Program
  • Selling physical products (apparel, yoga mats, etc) 
  • Online courses
  • Create a membership community
  • Online classes, workshops, and retreats

If you’ve been wondering how to find hot niches to start with, the health industry is constantly growing with new niche market ideas, so don’t let competition hold you back.

After all, the health industry is one of the most profitable niches. Speaking of, here are health-related website niches that make money: 

  1.     Home Remedies
  2.     Supplements/Vitamins/Shakes (Vitamins, dietary supplements, Fiber, Protein)
  3.     Home Exercise
  4.     Alcohol
  5.     Coffee
  6.     Cooking & Recipes
  7.   Cannabis
  8.   Body-building
  9. Crossfit
  10. Nutritional Health


14. Camping Niche

Market Value: Expected to reach $50.62 billion by 2022
Difficulty Level: ★★☆☆☆
Google Trend:

Aside from good stability, using your expert knowledge on tools and how-to-tips is most wanted for outdoor enthusiasts and nature lovers.

How to Succeed in This Niche

Get specific in this niche. 

Talk about camping gear or product reviews that are essential for beginners and experts alike. 

Offer your own perspective on camping trails, recipes, sites, and the like. 

Give alternatives for different types of campers – solo camper, family, camping with pets, etc. 

Beyond the Tent is a niche website on camping that inspires readers to spend a night outdoors and to be one with nature.

Source: Beyond the Tent

Finally, don’t limit your affiliate marketing to Amazon and check out CampingMaxx and CycloCamping that offer 10% and 8% commission, respectively. 

AvantLink and CJ Affiliate are also Affiliate network options.

How To Monetize the Site:                          
  • Sell physical products related to your site (clothing, makeup, gear, etc)
  • Affiliate program
  • Write e-books e.g. Camping Guide for Families
  • Run events, contests
  • Product reviews (written and video), Camping recipes, etc.

15. Beauty

Market Value: $532 billion
Difficulty Level: ★★★☆☆
Google Trend:

Aside from good stability, using your expert knowledge on tools and how-to-tips is most wanted for outdoor enthusiasts and nature lovers.

How to Succeed in This Niche

The beauty niche might make you believe better skin wins but there’s more it than this. 

Blogs & Affiliate marketing do really well, especially with your own DIY collection.

Offer a weekly newsletter with secrets and tips for skincare routines. 

Incorporate food into your beauty blog along with its skin benefits, product reviews, makeup tutorials, etc. 

Think of ways to pamper yourself and how you can help others feel pampered too. does a great job combining various elements as a beauty niche website:

Source: Hello Glow

From beauty to wellness to nails and aromatherapy, there are many creative ways to succeed in this niche.

Rachel Levin started her own Beauty channel on YouTube and she gets an average of 544,000 to 327 million views!!

How To Monetize the Site:                        
  • DIY crafts  (essential oils, nail polish, makeup, etc.)
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • YouTube beauty channel 
  • Install your own e-commerce store on the site 
  • Video tutorials 
  • Offer freelancing services for makeup, hair treatment, eyelash lifting, etc.

16. Travel

Market Value: $629 billion (2017)
Difficulty Level: ★★★☆☆
Google Trend:

The downward trend then starts to rise again. However, travel is a niche currently rising due to online opportunities and the freelance market.

How to Succeed in This Niche

The first step is to decide what to focus on with your travel blog. 

A blog site, Ann Everywhere, focuses on traveling with a purpose. 

She talks about what you can learn along the way by interacting with locals, studying abroad, or learning a new language. 

Affiliate marketing, blogging, and online courses are a great approach to succeeding here. Give an example of a great travel blog with great testimonial reviews.

Source: Nomadic Matt

Matt Kepnes, the owner of the Nomadic Matt, has one of the biggest travel sites around the world and is an NYT bestseller. He also sells courses on his site:

Source: Nomadic Matt

How To Monetize the Site:                      
  • Online Courses
  • Blogging 
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • YouTube Channel (video blogs about budget, moderate, or luxury living)
  • Create a membership community or private forum 
  • Sell guidebooks, travel tips e-books, travel hacks, etc.

Other niches to dive into under the Lifestyle category: 

  1. Fashion
  2. Pets
  3. Personal Development
  4. Home & Life Hacks
  5. Parenting
  6. Mommy Blog
  7. Daddy Blog
  8. DIY
  9. Home Décor
  10. Spirituality
  11. Religion
  12. Dating & Relationships
  13. Wedding
  14. Prepping
  15. Divorce
  16. Tiny homes
  17. Home Soundproof
  18. Digital nomad


35. Social Media Marketing

Market Value: $9.2 billion (2018)
Difficulty Level: ★★★☆☆
Google Trend:

Great stability; this is only the beginning of social media marketing prospering across platforms.

How to Succeed in This Niche

It all comes down to staying updated with what’s happening across major social media platforms and testing the market constantly. 

Almost half of the world’s population is active daily and because the engine of social media is its users, there’s no better way to succeed than to dive into this market as much as you can.

Source: Oberlo

Even with countless attempts, things can still go south, however. 

In this niche, community engagement is essential and critical to your growth. 

Being able to share tips, hacks, and great insights with your audience come from constant interaction and studying how each platform works.

Online courses, coaching services, and mentorship programs do well in this niche. That is because there’s so much marketing value in this niche that can help raise brand visibility, lead generation, targeting, etc.

One of the most successful blogs in this niche is Social Media Explorer:

Source: Social Media Explorer

This blog is brimming with information to get you on the right track with social media.

If engaging in all platforms seems like a headache right now, focus on one like LinkedIn and learn as much as you can while sharing it with your audience at the same time. 

How To Monetize the Site:                      
  • Offer coaching services 
  • Create a membership program
  • Sell online courses
  • Sell digital products e.g. ebooks, guidebooks, podcasts, templates
  • Start your own Youtube Channel 
  • Offer consulting and public speaking services

36. E-commerce

Market Value: $4.2 trillion
Difficulty Level: ★★★☆☆
Google Trend:

If you’re still wondering what niche to choose, e-commerce just might be it.

It is one of the best niches to start a business on and it continues to grow rapidly.

How to Succeed in This Niche

There’s a very good reason why e-commerce stands higher compared to retail nowadays. The #1 reason is being able to shop 24/7.

Source: Oberlo

Succeeding in this niche starts by focusing more on the brands than making a sale. 

The key takeaway is understanding what you do, why you do it, and communicating that clearly when users drop by your website. 

SEO and great user experience e.g. site navigation, images, videos, etc. are essential elements to consider investing more time on your site as well. 

Building transparency in your site is even more important. Finding contact information easily matters to your audience.

Source: eCommerce Nation

How To Monetize the Site:                      
  • Start weekly podcast sessions
  • Sell digital products e.g. templates, guides
  • Offer a membership program
  • Offer consulting/mentorship services
  • Affiliate Marketing + sponsored content

37. SEO

Market Value: $80 billion
Difficulty Level: ★★★☆☆
Google Trend:

Rising trend suggest great stability with high competition 

How to Succeed in This Niche

How you frame your videos and posts to keep your audience engaged is critical. 

The skill to learn is simplifying technical knowledge on SEO and presenting it in a way your audience understands.

Brian Dean’s blog, Backlinko, does this well:

Source: The Backlink SEO

He also includes exclusive content that you can only access through a paid program, which is one way to profit from your site:

Source: The Backlink SEO

Neil Patel also creates SEO videos well by keeping it simple, elegant, and informative at the same time. The number of views he receives is proof of how well-made his videos are.

How To Monetize the Site:                      
  • Affiliate programs
  • Consulting for Businesses
  • Selling online courses e.g. how to build traffic, content marketing tips, etc
  • Online videos sharing tips and strategies for SEO
  • Offering SEO services for websites
  • Blogging

Here are other great niches under the Wealth category: 

  1. Investments 
  2. Cryptocurrency
  3.       Real Estate
  4. Budgeting
  5.       Blogging/Affiliate Marketing
  6.     Personal Finance
  7.     Credit Cards
  8.     Insurance
  9.     Freelancing


47. Gaming Niche

Market Value: $93 billion
Difficulty Level: ★★☆☆☆
Google Trend:

Carries high demand and stability, which is a great niche to be in. 


How to Succeed in This Niche

The best way to approach this niche is creating walkthrough videos, advancing levels guides, or even a hack you discovered on your own!

Just take a look at these views per walkthrough:

Source: YouTube

Imagine how many parts you’d have per game? 15M is intense and 2.2M is more than sufficient for just one part. 

You could also show players how to make money off gaming but this might take much more time and effort to research on. 

If you can entertain players with laughs and gags while playing, even better. 

Adding your own twist on how you play different games is a great way to build traffic.  

A simple game like Minecraft, for example, paired with your own creativity and comedic nature can generate tons of success on YouTube like Pewdiepie.

Source: YouTube

Apart from YouTube, Twitch is a popular streaming site perfect for this niche.  

For example, Richard Blevin or Twitch username, Ninja, earns $5.4 million annually. 

Apart from all his video streams, Fortnite was a big hit.

Source: Twitch Followers

How To Monetize the Site:                    
  • Videos showing game walkthroughs, defeating bosses in hardest difficulties, etc. 
  • Sponsored posts or videos on YouTube or Twitch
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Ad revenue 
  • Blog posts sharing game guides and toolkits 
  • Creating a paid forum for exclusive gaming content

48. Music Niche

Market Value: $19.1 billion
Difficulty Level: ★★☆☆☆
Google Trend:

Don’t be discouraged. 

The chart might not show a lot of promise but when you tweak it with specificity the direction can change.

Music is a broad niche, so it’s about finding a specific target for you.

How to Succeed in This Niche

If you have the skill to play, that’s more than enough reason to share and succeed here. 

You can sell ad space directly or participate in affiliate programs. 

You can set up an e-commerce store on your site to sell merchandise, digital music, your own music, and even concert experiences. 

Earning streaming royalties is also a great way to earn a profit. 

Landr, Tune Core, and CD Baby are all paid plan distribution networks you can use, while Amuse is free and great for smaller artists who are just starting out. 

Lastly, you can create online courses on how to play musical instruments, offer online sessions, and coaching services.

Source: Udemy

The profit for this is huge! Do you still think music is a tough niche to break into? 

How To Monetize the Site:                  
  • Affiliate Program
  • Sell merchandise
  • Streaming royalties
  • Selling Ad space
  • Online courses, coaching sessions, and online tutorials
  • Create an exclusive members community

49. Content Curation Niche

Market Value: Expected to be $412.88 billion by 2022
Difficulty Level: ★★★★☆
Google Trend:

Carries high demand and stability, which is a great niche to be in. 

This is one of the most highly competitive and profitable niches to be in. 

Good stability, and it’s only in its baby steps.

How to Succeed in This Niche

Listen to what your audience wants and hand it to them. 

Don’t just throw value anywhere, however. You have to provide it to the right people, and your content has to be sourced from valuable pieces too. 

Great content delivers great value so focus on value first then content.

BrainPickings does a great job of curating content. The idea behind it is to put together interesting articles that contain assorted quotes and theories of other people.

Source: Brain Pickings

Adding value by giving it good visual appeal and taking the time to curate content is part of the steps to succeeding in this niche. 

How To Monetize the Site:                  
  • Advertising & Selling Ad space
  • Subscription packages
  • Sponsored posts and content
  • Offer mentoring or coaching services
  • Online courses on how to curate content, tools you need, etc. 
  • Hosting events and workshops 
  • Hosting free webinars and offering a paid product, upsell, or service

Here are other niches to try under the Entertainment category: 

  1. Magic
  2. News
  3. Movies and TV shows
  4. K-Pop
  5. Theater
  6. Celebrity


56. Gadgets/Electronics Niche

Market Value: $481 billion (2018)
Difficulty Level: ★★★☆☆
Google Trend:

While the trend suggests otherwise, this isn’t a bad niche. 

Consumers from all over the world want to educate themselves on the gadgets they use from hardware to software parts.

How to Succeed in This Niche

Product reviews and sponsored posts do really well for gadgets and electronics. 

The point here is to guide users to what they’re better off with, including a pros-cons scale. 

Adequate gadget knowledge and informative guides make it easier to scale this niche in your direction. 

Dave Lee, a youtube blogger, reviews mostly phones and laptops. Those are his main topics and he does well in succeeding in the gadgets niche:

Source: YouTube

You can link videos on your site for a bonus section to your blog; video formats are more engaging. 

Unbox Therapy does pretty interesting product reviews with a slight comedic feel to it and a diverse range of offers.

Source: YouTube

You don’t need to go after the whole gadget topic base either.

You can go for phones & laptops first then move your way up to accessories and even kitchen gadgets later on.

How To Monetize the Site:                  
  • Sponsored posts & content
  • Guest posting and writing for other tech websites
  • Affiliate Marketing (has great reach & diversity)
  • Product reviews (both video and writing formats)

57. Software Niche

Market Value: $35 billion (2018)
Difficulty Level: ★★★★☆
Google Trend:

As far as this trend goes, this is only the beginning. 

Stability is one thing, but demand will also grow higher for software.

How to Succeed in This Niche

The challenge of writing/blogging about software is that it’s time-consuming and heavy on research. 

To succeed in this niche, remember your site’s sole purpose is to guide your audience step-by-step to the right software to solve their problems or minimize loss.

It’s your job to fully understand the software and simplify it to digestible terms for your reader. 

Once you have that, go for affiliate marketing along with sharing tips and software benefits. 

Conducting a live video showing how to use the software is extremely valuable to your audience. 

Justin Brown combines video editing software reviews along with other categories such as, 

  • How to make videos on iPhone
  • How to grow businesses with video
  • How to edit videos faster

Source: YouTube

You don’t have to follow Justin’s style but get ideas of what to combine with software reviews.

How To Monetize the Site:                
  • Live video (YouTube or webinar)
  • Consulting for businesses/companies 
  • Affiliate program
  • Sponsored posts and content 
  • Sell digital products e.g. guidebooks, online courses, instructional tools, etc

58. Coding

Market Value: $10.6 billion (2016) with CAGR of 10%
Difficulty Level: ★★★★☆
Google Trend:

Great stability; rising trend indicates how much demand coding has gained over the last years.

How to Succeed in This Niche

If you have the expertise and background, the first step is to build traffic.

While you’re at it, use Google AdSense for the early stages of monetization to get slow but steady passive income. 

After building your traffic, move into sponsored posts or content. Paid reviews are also another alley to tackle.

Source: CS Ed Week

By then, you can increase your profit by combining Google AdSense, online courses, and direct banner advertising. 

Lastly, sell your own programmed or coded products, such as your own WordPress plugins and themes, CSS codes, application source codes, PHP scripts, and so on.

How To Monetize the Site:                
  • Google AdSense
  • Ads & selling ad space
  • Sponsored content & paid reviews
  • Affiliate program
  • Sell a video guided tour on how to code or program
  • Online courses and tutorials
  • Sell your own source code

To check for other niches under the Technology category have a look at these: 

  1. Home Security
  2. Drones
  3. 3D printing
  4. Home Automation
  5. Virtual Reality
  6. Cybersecurity
  7. Computers 


66.  Gardening Niche

Market Value: $260 million (2017)
Difficulty Level: ★★★☆☆
Google Trend:

This is a stable niche that can expand to the food market, opening much more opportunities.

How to Succeed in This Niche

Unless gardening is your actual hobby or you have an interest for it, you can’t fake confidence on this one. Your own backyard of produce has to exist. 

If you’re just starting out, run Google AdSense or sell ad space with the help of automation from Blogads (2). 

Affiliate marketing works well for the gardening niche thanks to a ton of gardening products, equipment, and tools to guide your readers to. 

Even combining gardening + prepping would be a unique idea to stand out In fact, YouTube carries such a video:

Source: YouTube

The title “9 Survival Gardening Crops to Grow in a Post Apocalyptic World” is catchy and has its own sense of uniqueness to it. 

To grow this niche even further, take advantage of visual appealing platforms such as Instagram and Pinterest to post your gardening produce and attract potential visitors into your blog site.

How To Monetize the Site:                
  • Google AdSense + direct advertising or either
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Sell e-books, gardening guide, gardening tips and tricks, gardening hacks, etc. 
  • Online courses and gardening tutorials

67. Photography Niche

Market Value: Expected to grow to $110.79 billion by 2022
Difficulty Level: ★★★☆☆
Google Trend:

The trend shows wildlife because this is a good rule of thumb to remember in photography: decide what your photographs will center on. 

Here are options to choose from:

• Nature •Art
• Lifestyle •Sports
• Food •Landscapes

How to Succeed in This Niche

First step: build or create a portfolio of your photos.

You’ll thank yourself later in the future for its personal and professional benefits. 

While Ads and sponsored posts are profitable options, how you blog your content can make a huge difference. 

People love stories. Photographs tell a story. Every photo is a different, unique story your audience is waiting to hear. 

For every photograph that you upload, write down a story. Relate it to a memory or an experience. 

Describe the pixels instead of splashing them on the screen. 

Ashley Baxter’s blog, A Girl With A Camera, does exactly that:

Source: Girl with a Camera

Another blog built by Ryan Mcguire called Gratisography is a collection of quirky photos and helps generate leads for his business.

Lastly, you can sell your photos through your own e-commerce site or upload photos on Instagram and Pinterest to build a good following.

If that isn’t enough for you, go for affiliate marketing. Write about photography gear & equipment reviews.

How To Monetize the Site:              
  • Google AdSense
  • Sponsored posts or content
  • Sell a guidebook on photography or your own photo collection
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Online courses and tutorials
  • Mentorship program

68. Writing Niche

Market Value: $13.9 billion (2018)
Difficulty Level: ★★★☆☆
Google Trend:

Apart from fair stability, writing is what lies at the heart of great content. 

Without this niche, blogging would just be bland.

This is a stable niche that can expand to the food market, opening much more opportunities.

How to Succeed in This Niche

Bad writers preach. Good writers bleed. 

That’s what it takes to succeed in this niche. 

There are various types of writing you also need to choose from:

  • Copywriting
  • Ghostwriting
  • Fiction writing
  • Content writing

Use platforms such as LinkedIn, Instagram, and Medium to build good exposure and traffic. 

Affiliate marketing works well in the writing niche because of how flexible writing is as a whole. 

Selling e-books and online courses are widely popular choices in this niche. Even coaching/mentorship programs are great options. 

You can also write for publications, magazines, and offer freelancing services. This is especially useful for copywriters in regards to advertising. 

Laura Belgray, founder of Talking Shrimp, is a well-known copywriter and has built a successful site over the years.

Source: Talking Shrimp

What makes her site so successful is the way her writing appeals to her audience. It clearly reflects her own voice and personality. 

How To Monetize the Site:              
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Selling e-books, writing tips, etc. 
  • Offering Online courses and mentorship programs
  • Sponsored content 
  • Freelance services
  • Online videos e.g. writing hacks
  • Sell your own writeups

Here is an example of a writing online course in Udemy priced at $199.00 with over 70,000 students enrolled. 

Here are other niches under the Hobbies category:

  1. Woodworking
  2. Knitting & Sewing
  3. Drawing
  4. Rock Climbing
  5. Videography
  6. Calligraphy
  7. Watercolor/Painting
  8. Scrapbooking
  9. Hunting
  10. Sound mixing

Product Reviews

79. Books Niche

Market Value: $115 billion
Difficulty Level: ★★★★☆
Google Trend:

Good stability with many niche products and niche ideas to offer your audience. 

How to Succeed in This Niche

Books might seem like an unusual niche business. But really, this is a niche market with die-hard fans, regardless of the type or genre.

Source: Published to Death

Take advantage of the Kindle Unlimited program for good passive income along with adding a YouTube vlog to your blog site to increase exposure and audience engagement.

Google Adsense and Affiliate marketing are also good options to include in your niche business strategy. 

Target large niche industries such as Barnes & Noble, Dover publishing, Penguin, Walmart, etc to boost your Affiliate Marketing in the process. 

Finally, sponsorships are great opportunities to follow as your traffic and following grow. Editors and publishing companies will contact you to write a book review for a price. 

In this list of niches, books are actually one of the more popular niches that reward you with good profit if your commitment is strong too. 

Finding profitable niche markets include narrowing down to topics of your interest: young adult, romance, crime, life, cooking, etc.

How To Monetize the Site:              
  • Affiliate Marketing 
  • Sponsored content (book reviews) 
  • YouTube vlogs 
  • Google Adsense
  • Sell digital products (your own ebook, tips to writing a book, etc.)

80. Clothing/Apparel Niche

Market Value: $758.4 billion (2018)
Difficulty Level: ★★★★☆
Google Trend:

Truth be told, the apparel scene is a bank full of many ways to earn a profit. 

Here’s what you need to know before diving into this niche.

How to Succeed in This Niche

The Affiliate program in the Clothing niche doesn’t limit you to just Amazon. 

There are fashion sites that offer affiliate opportunities such as rewardStyle (3) and ShopStyle collective (4). 

With the huge number of fashion sites and companies all over the world, sponsored content is a great avenue to try. 

Surprisingly, sponsored Instagram posts can generate handsome profit the more you keep at it and it doesn’t take much to create a good post when you already have a stable number of followers.

Source: Instagram

A simple post by Jean Wang can generate a thousand dollars just to post. As your following grows and larger companies approach you, so does your profit. 

The DIY market is a trending market a lot of audiences love so creating a DIY line could really boost profits. 

This can include Clothing cheat sheets, online courses, accessories, subscription boxes, etc.

How To Monetize the Site:              
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Sponsored posts (Blog or Instagram)
  • Ads
  • Online courses and video tutorials eg. how to start your own clothing line
  • Sell DIY and digital products 
  • Offer wardrobe or stylish consulting services
  • Brand Ambassadorship

81. Cars Niche

Market Value: $400 billion
Difficulty Level: ★★★☆☆
Google Trend:

Good stability. 

This niche would be the perfect choice if you were in the automobile business or even in buy and sell.

How to Succeed in This Niche

Writing reviews shouldn’t be difficult if you have your own car garage business. 

Car reviews carry a lot of value in informing your readers how to make sound decisions choosing a car. 

Niche down your reviews to either of these options: SUV’s, sedans, trucks, or luxury cars. 

You could do both SUVs and sedans or purely luxury cars and relate it to an Alpha male kind of content. 

Unfortunately, affiliate marketing is out of the list. 

Your best option would be ads, sponsored content, and video blogging on YouTube. 

For the car niche, it’s better to post videos on your site + blogging content and a paid membership section. 

The blog, The Truth About Cars does reviews, videos, and a tips & advice section:

Source: The Truth about Cars

Car reviews earn a lot of views on Youtube as well: 

Source: YouTube

How To Monetize the Site:            
  • Ads 
  • Create a paid membership forum
  • Video reviews on YouTube
  • Sell your own guidebook or list of tips ebook

Other niches under the Product Reviews category include even a few low competition niches worth looking into: 

  1. Sneakers
  2. Watches
  3. Kids Toys 
  4. Home Appliances
  5. Kitchen Equipment


87. Subscription Boxes Niche

Market Value: $10 billion
Difficulty Level: ★★☆☆☆
Google Trend:

This is a great niche to keep your audience guessing and feeling surprised every month.

How to Succeed in This Niche

Pick out the items or the topic of interest your subscription boxes will cover. 

Every subscription box is unique for a reason. 

Some deliver grooming kits for men/women, some deliver fab kits to make women feel pampered, some are food-related and so on. 

Try the World delivers gourmet food and ingredients or snacks from around the world.

Source: Try the World

Nicely Noted delivers stationery kits and stamps.

Source: Nicely Noted

The best approach for this niche is to make a monthly subscription offer and offer gift services for your audience. 

Even a membership edition for premium items would be interesting. 

You could add a reviews section about other subscription box services and add it as a section to your blog similar to what My Subscription Addiction does.

Source: My Subscription Addiction

Adding the reviews section to your site also opens the opportunity to do Affiliate Marketing, which is a good passive income apart from direct selling. 

How To Monetize the Site:            
  • Affiliate Marketing 
  • Direct advertising (Banner & button)
  • Sell your own subscription box
  • Offer gift services
  • Create a membership community for premium items

88. Quotes Niche

Market Value: N/A
Difficulty Level: ★★★★★
Google Trend:


If you love quotes and sayings or pouring wisdom, this is a good niche to get into. 

Although I advise to treat this niche as a secondary arm to a primary niche like Home Decor.

How to Succeed in This Niche

The biggest challenge is how to set up the site. 

A blog full of quotes isn’t going to earn unless you use quotes with another niche. 

The two niches I can think of that go well with quotes are: personal development and home decor. 

Personal development content works well with quotes. It adds value to your content and keeps your reader inspired at the beginning, midway, or even at the end. 

Home Decor, on the other hand, is more aesthetic. In the quotes area, this could be seen more of like a framed quote:

The quotes niche is ideally a niche that must serve as a collaboration of another niche. 

The best way is to write a book about a collection of quotes while adding your own twist to the content structure.

Source: Amazon

Don’t worry too much if your niche doesn’t fall under the best niches 2019 list or even voted as one of the best niche ideas. 

What matters is you find a niche where you can express yourself to the highest degree. This is what garners abundance overall.

How To Monetize the Site:            
  • Sell your own frame quotes
  • Sell quotes to design or furniture companies who make frame quotes
  • Create a book or ebook about a collection of quotes

89. Renewable energy

Market Value: $928 billion
Difficulty Level: ★★★☆☆
Google Trend:

Great stability for the past decade. 

In this list of niche markets, you’ll find it’s one of the more profitable niches with low competition.

How to Succeed in This Niche

The Affiliate program for this niche is huge. 

Apart from Amazon, there are various websites who offer Affiliate services. 

SunJack offers 20% commission fee, GoGreenSolar offers 3% but they’re the #1 site right now which means customers trust their product highly, and Inergy offers 10%. 

 There are even 7 more of these affiliate opportunities (5). 

Renewable energy comes in the form of solar-powered technology. 

Gadgets, chargers, and even solar-powered cars are already available.

Even Logitech’s K750 solar-powered keyboard is one of the best devices of its kind right now with astounding reviews on Amazon. 

This is also a great avenue to review products, start a video channel, and do more for the environment as a whole. 

YGrene Energy Fund leaves a good impression with their blog:

Source: YGrene

How To Monetize the Site:              
  • Affiliate Marketing 
  • Online videos e.g. product reviews & benefits
  • Sell merchandise e..g shirts, mugs, chargers, etc. 
  • Sell digital products 
  • Offer consulting services

Other niches under the Miscellaneous category:

  1. Biodegradable Consumables
  2. Crowdfunding

These aren’t unusual niches and actually have unique niche ideas worth looking into. 


92. Mathematics Niche

Market Value: $73.5 billion
Difficulty Level: ★★★★☆
Google Trend:

Great stability. Perfect for those with a wide range of mathematics knowledge, from beginner to advanced lessons.

How to Succeed in This Niche

Affiliate marketing in this niche market isn’t as strong compared to online courses, video tutorials, and selling digital products like cheat sheets. 

With lower competition compared to most and an astounding number of students waiting to be taught, online courses are perfect to support this role. 

You’re likely to succeed in this niche if you can replace Mathematical terms with digestible terms your audience can easily understand. 

Also, utilize videos to increase the interaction and attention span of your audience. 

For basic concepts, look at how much views you can garner by simply explaining Algebra.

Source: YouTube

For more complex, advanced concepts, it’s the same as well: 

Source: YouTube

Finally, sell cheat sheets, templates, guides, or hacks separately or through a membership program. 

How To Monetize the Site:              
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Create a membership program
  • Offer a free webinar followed by a paid product or upsell
  • Sell digital products (cheat sheets, templates, etc.)
  • Online video tutorials, vlogs, and courses

93.  Home Improvement Niche

Market Value: $460 billion
Difficulty Level: ★★★☆☆
Google Trend:

The recent upward trend suggests a good rise in the market and fair stability. 

Perfect for anyone who loves design & remodeling, and even minimalists.

How to Succeed in This Niche

Your knowledge and experience on home improvement is your biggest ticket to succeeding in this niche. 

While passion is surely the torch to help you get there, there are still technical skills involved. 

For starters, selling ebooks and online courses is one of the first steps you could take. 

You can go for an online guided tour while the ebook can be, for example, “100 Tips For A Better Home.”

Also, consider sponsorships, affiliate marketing, and guest posting as part of your blog strategy. 

These are great avenues not only to earn profit but also, to increase your network for future referrals to use for your e-commerce site.

Home improvement products vary widely but specific areas such as the kitchen, living room, bedroom, etc. all carry home/kitchen decor & items perfect to sell digitally either DIY or from the networks you built from guest posting.

Designer Trapped is a great home improvement blog to refer to.

Source: Designer Trapped

How To Monetize the Site:            
  • Selling ebooks, online courses, guides, etc.
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Sponsorships & Guest posting
  • Install an e-commerce store (DIY/digital products)


94. Graphic Design Niche

Market Value: $153.2 billion (2018)
Difficulty Level: ★★★☆☆
Google Trend:

Good stability.

From 2004, the trend seems downward. In the last 5 years, however, the advertising industry has skyrocketed where graphic design is a crucial element.

How to Succeed in This Niche

Apart from sharing blog content and design tips, treat your homepage as a collected portfolio of your best designs. 

This makes a good lead attraction for potential visitors.  

Freelancing sites such as Upwork are profitable avenues to build your credibility and establish a stable network for future projects. 

Once you’ve built a good number of designs and logos, head over to BrandCrowd, a site where you can sell any extra logos that weren’t included in your sales pitch. 

Stock photo sites are also a great option. As a commission, you get royalties of about 25 cents. It doesn’t seem like much but can rack up quickly if you have a lot of designs to upload.

Teespring, is also another logo site where you can sell your designs to be printed off shirts, mugs, accessories, etc.

Source: Tee Spring

Finally, sell online courses, do video tutorials on graphic design tips, and set up your own store on your site.

Source: YouTube

How To Monetize the Site:            
  • Sell your logos in freelancing sites (BrandCrowd, Teespring, etc)
  • Offer freelance services
  • Install an e-commerce store in your site
  • Online courses, video tutorials
  • Sell a guidebook
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Host webinars and offer a membership program


Other niches under the E-learning category include:

  1.     Life coaching/Counseling
  2.     Video Editing
  3.     Teaching Musical Instruments
  4.     Decluttering
  5.     Career Development and Opportunities
  6.   Language Lessons
  7.   Feng Shui


102. Golf Niche

Market Value: $2.7 billion
Difficulty Level: ★★☆☆☆
Google Trend:

Good stability. Although it appears less competitive, it’s more profitable than you think. 

How to Succeed in This Niche

All you need is a camera and your love for the sport. 

One of the best approaches to this niche is selling online videos of golf tutorial lessons. 

This, however, comes with good traffic. 

There are also good affiliate marketing opportunities in this sport.  

As a golfer, even if writing isn’t what you love, you can treat writing as a way of sharing what you love about the sport. 

This can open a can of opportunities such as private ads, selling an e-book e.g. a golf guidebook, tutorial lessons, and a membership program. 

When it comes to sports niches, I would advise against choosing a niche you have no experience with. 

Sean Ogle, was able to get 150 members to sign up for his membership, The Eighty Club, at $250 to $500 annually after 8 months of starting his blog. 

His love for the sport and the passion to create a blog and meet like-minded golfers is what makes it a success:

Source: Breaking Eighty

How To Monetize the Site:            
  • Ads
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Create a membership program
  • Sell an e-book
  • Online tutorials and courses
  • Offer coaching/mentorship services

103. Soccer Niche

Market Value: $28.1 billion
Difficulty Level: ★★★☆☆
Google Trend:

One of the world’s most loved sports. 

You don’t exactly need Google trends to tell you how stable this niche is.

How to Succeed in This Niche

Personally, I’d say this is a difficult niche. 

For one, it’s hard to create evergreen content for this niche. 

If you choose professional league as your sub-niche, you’re limited to content due to a lack of major connections in your network.

You can, however, sell merchandise, memorabilia, and commentate on Video vlogs you upload on YouTube.

Source:  YouTube

Aside from just professional terrain, consider non-pro leagues. Consider soccer coaches.

If you dive into a market that helps build amateur coaches into building their team, you could sell online courses both to the players and the coach. 

You could also sell merchandise like training cones, balls, clothing, etc. and it expands your affiliate marketing opportunities. 

In this sense, you aren’t limited by connections or squeezing so much just to stay relevant. 

Think of sub-niches you can target to overcome the non-evergreen aspect of this niche.

How To Monetize the Site:          
  • Selling merchandise, DIY or digital products
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Selling online courses and tutorial lessons
  • Selling a webinar package
  • Offer consulting services to non-pro leagues

104. Football Niche

Market Value: $15 billion (2018)
Difficulty Level: ★★★★☆
Google Trend:

Constantly stable over the years, but the seasonal trends can be a challenge when creating content.

How to Succeed in This Niche

Like soccer, it’s best to choose a sub-niche you can work with fully. 

It is possible to go for both pro leagues and non-pro leagues as your sub-niches. However, you can set different approaches for the two. 

For pro leagues, you can focus on video vlogs specifically commentating or compiling the best highlights of the game and posting it on YouTube. Selling merchandise would also be feasible. 

This is what Lucas Rafael does, except he mixes music with his videos.

Source: YouTube

It even garnered 1.2 million views!

For non-pro leagues, online classes, mentorship programs, and even a membership package work great for this sub-niche. 

Something like this:

Source: Udemy

Offering coaching techniques & tips while integrating YouTube videos into your site along with Affiliate marketing and ads can truly garner success on your end. 

How To Monetize the Site:        
  • Selling Ad Space
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • YouTube vlogs (commentating, compilation videos)
  • Offer coaching services along with football tips
  • Sell online courses and digital products including merchandise
  • Sell membership program

Other niches to go for under the Sports category: 

  1. Boxing
  2. Paintball
  3. Tennis
  4. Basketball
  5. Archery
  6. Water Sports
  7. Snow Sports
  8. Baseball
  9. Dirt bike

8 Steps to Find a Profitable Niche Business 

Now that we’ve covered 105 profitable niches, let’s narrow down those options into the best niche to earn long-term benefits and profit. 

Step 1: Find the lane where your passion burns bright

The reason for passion being the first step is because it’s easier to build a niche around something you love or what you’re passionate about. 

If you’re passionate about yoga, you understand your audience through how yoga relates to their experiences and beliefs. 

You know what content works best for the market of yoga enthusiasts. 

As a starting point, choose at least 5 niches you feel passionate about and use these as a guide throughout the next steps.

Step 2: Do Research on the Niche Market Value

Knowing the niche market value will help your decision-making process and offer clarity in moving forward with the niche or not. 

The sports industry hits $75 billion for market value so it’s a good indication of how this will perform as a niche. 

Use Google Ads External keyword tool to give you the approximate Cost per Click (CPC), local search trends, and local monthly searches. It’s valuable information you can use to determine how well your niche will perform. 

Step 3: Use Google Trends

The objective of using Google Trends is for finding stability in your niche. 

If you notice the pattern is highly irregular or seasonal, it can be a challenge to create evergreen content. This doesn’t mean it isn’t profitable, however. Just that it becomes much harder on your part. 

Consistent trends are usually common in generic searches such as sports, health, etc. but it also means more competition. 

Step 4: Identify A Problem To Solve In Your Niche Market

Ultimately, people buy products or services that transform their lifestyle in some way either by improving their current situation or by alleviating pain from their life.

Every niche carries a problem and, with it, a solution.

If you understand the problem your audience faces and present a solution for them, this will help your direction when creating your niche business or any niche ideas that come along. 

Step 5: Use Amazon Bestsellers to Find What Products to Promote & Sell 

Amazon carries a million of data stored, free to access, and ready at any time in their Bestsellers list.

Look for how sellable each product is and the reviews. Higher sales with great reviews mean profit. 

This process is also fairly straightforward since all the categories are labeled and sorted out for you already. 

Source: Amazon

Aim for at least 3 to 5-star ratings for the quality of the product. The number of user ratings also tells you how popular the product is among consumers.

Step 6: Make Use of Website Flipping Services

Use Flippa as a source for a better understanding of site traffic and how different niche websites profit per month. 

This tool is extremely helpful and gives you more insight on how to manage your site and earn a profit. 

Source: Flippa

There are a ton of filters you can use to narrow your search and gauge site performance.

After you have set your filters, a list of sites will appear on the right side of your screen. When you click on a site, you will see this: 

Source: Flippa

Step 7: Research on Your Competition

Even with all the tools at your disposal, never forget this step. 

Some niches may be less competitive but they still exist and for good reason.

The advantage of understanding and learning from your competition is to identify gaps or missing information they left out. 

If a competitor left out valuable information that your audience desires, you can add it to your own original content. 

Be humble enough to learn how your competitors engage with their community, how they structure their content, and how they add value. 

Every piece of information you find is valuable and can be used when needed. 

Source: Google

Step 8: Check If There’s Any Online Advertisement Of The Niche

Online ads are a good sign of a profitable niche although it’s not the only metric to measure. 

If you don’t find any online ads when searching your queries on Google, that’s fine. 

The previous steps can give you more than adequate information on verifying your niche’s profitability. 

Source: Google


Finding the most profitable niches starts with your passion. 

Even the best keywords usage, research, and tools can only help you create value far enough you’ll feel burnt out in the end.

No matter what anyone says, profit and passion can go together, but it also takes tremendous work. 

Nothing worthwhile ever happens overnight. Not even in a couple of months. Not even a year. 

With 105+ profitable niches to explore through, let your passion help you turn what you love into the kind of work you can earn from.



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