In this tutorial, I will show you how to buy and install WordPress on Hostinger step by step. We will show you which hosting, which you choose and the actual…

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  • Updated January 24, 2021
  • Updated January 24, 2021

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In this tutorial, I will show you how to buy and install WordPress on Hostinger step by step.

We will show you which hosting, which you choose and the actual buying process. I would then show you how to install WordPress on hosting on the right way and choose the correct settings towards the end of this video. I’ll give you a very special offer if you decide to pick up posting it through my link below. I will give you my 6-figure blogger, of course, for free as a way of saying thank you. And without further ado, let’s get started.

Click on the link in the description. I type this into your browser. It would take you to my special Hostinger discount page where you will get the best discount hosting is currently offering. And I also have an exclusive coupon code, which you can use on checkout to save you even more money. Full transparency. This is an affiliate link. I receive a small commission while you get a special discount and my six figure blog, of course, for free.

So it can be a win-win situation for the both of us. And I really appreciate you supporting my channel. Hostinger is definitely one of the cheapest hosting providers out there in the market, as you can see here, the price that just 99 cents per month and hosting is a really reputable company. And they have many different types of postings like shared cloud or even VPS hosting so they can cover you no matter your budget or performance requirement. But in this example, we’re just going to stick with shared hosting.

So click on Start now. It would take you down to the pricing section where you can see the 3 different pricing plans for hosting a shared hosting plans. The cheapest plan they have is $0.99 per month and goes all the way up to three point ninety nine per month. So the main difference is the cheapest plan only allows you to have one website and it has limited bandwidth, whereas if you upgrade to the media plan, you will get unlimited number of website and also that bandwidth will be unlimited.

Then the main feature that you will get for paying an extra dollar a month is the daily backups. I believe this is a very important feature to have for your website, as you never know when you need it and if or when you’re ready for an upgrade, you can always go to the cloud hosting plan later. But what I recommend you do is you either go for the 99 cent per month plan if and only if you have one website and it’s more like a local website with not many visitors.

Otherwise, I would go for the $3.99 plan as you have the daily backup. So in this example, I’m just going to buy the most expensive plan and click on Add to Cart from this pricing page. It is clear to see that the longer you purchase, the more money you save. Although 4 years is a big commitment, I would always choose the longest plan available for a hosting provider that I end up choosing, because once you’ve chosen something you don’t want to move around, you want to just stick to the one you’ve chosen and worry about building your business instead.

And also hosting it has a 30-day money back guarantee. So if you chose the 48-month plan and you end up not liking it, you can still get all your money back within the first 30 days. And you’re going to decide by then anyway, if you like the service or not. Hostinger it also has one incentive for getting the four year plan is they will give you your free domain and SSL for the first year. This comes out to an extra saving of fourteen dollars and the annual renewal costs, including the privacy protection, is$16.

This is really not bad at all for hosting providers. As you know, in all my videos, I always recommend you to buy your domain name from or any specialist domain name providers have. In this case, Hostinger is one of the very few hosting providers who don’t rip you off when you purchase the domain from them. So if you want something quick and easy and you think you’re going to stay with Hostinger it for a long time, then choose them for your domain name.

But if you want to buy many domain names and store them into the one place, I would just choose a domain name specialist like, which I use myself anyway, moving forward, this is just a tutorial. So I’m just going to choose a twelve month plan and come down to the next section. Now you put in the email that you want to use, so your payment method when we come down to path. In summary, this is where you can input my special discount code to get even more money off you type in dotcomdollar and click the button and you can see here your total discount will now be 59%.

And just to show you, if we go back up to the top, you can see all pricing plans now have a fairly discount. So this used to be $3.99 and now it’s $3.71 anyway. And now you put in your credit card details, click on Submit. This is what you will see on your hosting a dashboard once you logged in. What we would do next is click on hosting and click on add website and you type in everything that you want to add your password and click on add.

Your website is now being created successfully. So the next step is to install WordPress onto this domain name. So now we go back to hosting one more time and click on Manage. Now we can scroll down to auto-installer, click on that select WordPress and fill out the information that you want here at the title. And if you’re happy with everything and go down here and click on and still give it a little bit of time. And I’m going to fast forward this video.

It’s done. And now once that’s done, you have to point your time service provider to Hostinger. But if you bought your domain name, in Hostinger, you don’t have to worry about it. But I’m going to show you an example with Namecheap account they can say you’re going to dashboard and come down to details that these are the two main servers that you must copy and paste into your network. And now I’m going to go to my bank cat, choose a domain that I want, come down to the name service section.

And click on Custom DNS, and you would simply just paste in it to name servers here. OK, come on, are you happy with that? And you just click on set and you can say the server update is done. Take up to 48 hours. This is really the case. Only one hour maps and it should be done that it can be as quick as five to ten minutes. So just give it a bit of time and then check it.

So the next step is to now go and check your site, see if it’s live.

We still have another step to go. But I just wanted to quickly ask if you’re getting value out of my video. If so, make sure to let me know by liking my video and subscribing to this channel so you don’t miss out on more quality content than I release every single week. And the next step is to install your SSL certificate, so we come back here and click on SSL, now we go to set up choose an option, choose a domain that we want, and now click install SSL that has been successfully installed.

We close it back to our hosting. We can manage and then click on our WordPress dashboard. Lastly, for safety tips on that that activate ours. And so we have the whole site and now we can go tabloid press admin to double check that everything is working on its website. And here you can see dashboard. So to check the SSL is being installed properly, you can go hoppity here and click on visit site and you can see here, this is our website and everything is working properly.

We hover over here. You can see that our connection is secure and our certificate is being installed. So our website is secured and ready to go at the last quick step. I will show you how to it out. So you click on emails, we got email accounts and come down here and typing what you want. So I will go Allan and putting my password and that’s it. My email is being created. You can see that everything has been really quick and easy.

So just a quick note on my bonus offer. If you decide to pick up posting it through my link and just send me a copy of your receipt to [email protected] and I’ll send you access to my bonus course right away. Now that you have successfully installed WordPress to your bare bones, you can go ready to go out, build your actual website, and this next video will help you do just that. So I’ll see you in the next tutorial.

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