In this video, I’m going to show you how to install WordPress on cPanel the right way. I will show you two different methods. The first is the one-click…


How To Install WordPress In cPanel Manually 2021 [beginners step-by-step Softaculous tutorial guide]

In this video, I’m going to show you how to install WordPress on cPanel the right way. I will show you two different methods. The first is the one-click method and the second is the manual method for the manual method. I will show you where to download WordPress CMS, how to correctly upload the file and configure the settings, create your database and install WordPress on your domain. First, we’re going to start with the one-click method. The easy way to do this, you need a hosting provider who can provide you this feature.

And the one I recommend isA2 Hosting if you want to know why it’s hosting, could be the right hosting provider for you. And check out this video here where I’ve done an in-depth review of A2 Hosting and to test out how good their service really is. The first step is to click on the link in the description below. I type in your browser, this link here, and it will bring into this special discount page, which you can get up to 66% percent.

This can choose your plan into the domain name. You want to register, proceed, choose your settings.

Quick note. If you need more help with this, just check out this video here. OK, now click, continue and fill out all your information here and click complete order. And now you may proceed to your customer area and it would take you to this page, which is a A2 Hosting’s dashboard. First step you do is click on cPanel login and to install WordPress, you simply just click on the WordPress to optimize. And I would definitely recommend this option over the standard WordPress option because from my test in my review video, I found that it was at least half a second faster to use this option over the standard option.

Here’s a quick question for you. Who is your current hosting provider and what is your page load speed with? Let me know and your description below. So now I simply click on install, choose the name, choose a description, copy my username and password. So I have it for later and my admin email, scroll down to the bottom and click install. Wait to it loads and that’s it. Your website has now been installed and if you click on here you can just see how website is now live.

Very simple, right. Now let’s go and do the second method now. The second method is to manually install WordPress to cPanel the “harder way”. First go to, download and download the latest version of WordPress. Now we need to log in to cPanel and I come to my aid to hosting and click on C panel login. Once I’m on the dashboard, I need to click on file manager and then we double click on public HTML. And this is the folder where we’re going to upload our WordPress CMS into.

So you click on upload and then select your file. And once your upload is completed, you can just close the window. And in this previous window, just refresh it double click again on public_html and you should see your zip file here. So what you do next is right. Click there and click on extract, extract, file. Close this. And now we can delete the zip file by clicking it and click on delete on that and click confirm.

Now we want to go into this WordPress folder and we’re going to select all. And then we’re going to click, move and delete this WordPress bit and click move files. Now we can go back, click on this WordPress folder and delete it now as we don’t need it anymore. Skip the trash confirmed. So now this part is done. But I’m going to leave the page open as we will come back to it later. Are you enjoying this video so far?

Make sure to let me know by liking my video and hitting that subscribe button for more quality videos that I released like this every week. So what we do now is go back to our cPanel page and go to the database section and we’re going to click on MySQL database. And now we need to create a new database. You can type in any name you want, but I’m just going to use dotcom dollar and click on create a database. And here it is.

Our new database has been added and make sure you copy this information and keep it somewhere safe. So I’m going to put it into my notes.

So now that’s done, we can go back and we should scroll down further until you see the new user section. All right. So now we can add another user name, make sure you have a different user name and your database name and then the password. I’m just going to generate this copy this, cancel and paste my password in there. And I’ll also copy this into my notes section and make sure that you put this in front of your username.

And now we click on Create User, and so this name should match the name that we copied before. So I’m just going to pace it in again and it’s the same. OK, and now we can go back and now we need to add this user to the database so we can go down and go to add user to database. And this is right. Right. If you have different options and you can select it. But I’ve only created one of each.

Now click, add. And now you want to select all privileges, come down to the bottom and click, make changes. And now we need to go back to our home page and click on file manager. But I didn’t close my page on before, so I’m going to go back to it and hit refresh instead. And now you can double click on publication. HTML wp-config dash sample. Right, click on it, click on rename.

Remove this last part. So it just says wp-config.php click rename file now. Right. Click on this again and click on edit edit again. And this is where we are going to insert our database name use and password. OK, so here’s our database name. Copy that and replace this here with the name. The user is this and replace this bit and now the password is this and we’re going to double click and paste it. OK, once you’ve done that, click on Save Changes.

The next step is to go to this page, your website/wp-admin/install.php and now we can select the language and click on continue. Add your site title and your username. Make sure this isn’t admin as it’s too easy for people to break in. Make sure to keep a copy of your credentials and then add your email. And now we can click install WordPress and success just to confirm it works and now login with the same username and password click login.

And you can see here I have arrived at the dashboard and everything is running properly. You can go here and visit the site and just make sure it’s running. Now that you have fully installed WordPress, the next step is to fully build out your website. Right. This next video will help you do just that. So check it out and I’ll see you in that next video.

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