In this GreenGeek’s review, I want to show you everything that you need to know about GreenGeeks before deciding if you should get started with this Web hosting provider…

How To Install WordPress On iPage Hosting 2023 [Tutorial: beginners buying & setup guide]

  • Updated January 2, 2023
  • Updated January 2, 2023

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In this GreenGeek’s review, I want to show you everything that you need to know about GreenGeeks before deciding if you should get started with this Web hosting provider.

In this comprehensive review, I will start by breaking down the pricing structure and show you how to get the best deal currently available. Next, I will guide you through the entire Sign-Up process and judge how easy that platform is to use. I would then grade their performance based on page load, speed and uptime from the GreenGeeks plan that I purchase. And lastly, I will provide you with the pros and cons and my honest recommendation on if or who should get GreenGeeks at the end of this article.

I will give you a very special offer. If you decide to pick up GreenGeeks through my link below, I will give you access to my six-figure blogger course for Free as a way of saying thank you for supporting my channel.

In this course, I will show you how to set up your WordPress website the right way, how to adjust and tweak settings for optimal website performance, and how to stop driving traffic and make money from your site.

Now let’s get started on this review.

Pricing options. Click on the link and a description. I type this into your browser. It’ll take you to my special GreenGeek’s discount page where you will get the best discount. GreenGeeks is currently offering full transparency. This is an affiliate link. I will receive a small commission at no extra cost to you while you get a special discount and my six-figure blogger at course for free so it can be a win-win situation for the both of us.

And I appreciate you supporting my channel. I will be comparing this shared hosting plans or the GreenGeek’s does offer other types of hosting like the VPS hosting so they can support you when your business grows and you’re ready for an upgrade. Green kindly has three shared hosting plans, the lot, the pro and the premium plan.

And the main difference is between the three hosting plans and a number of websites. You can have the speed performance and the dedicated IP address for the live plan. You’re only going to get one website with the standard speed, but if you increase that to the Pro Plan, you’re going to get unlimited number of Web sites along with an increase in performance.

And if you get the premium plan, you get everything from the Pro Plan, but an even faster speed.

And you’re also going to be provided with a dedicated IP address. But for me personally, to pay double from the Pro Plan to the premium plan and get a dedicated IP is not worth it. For my purpose, if you’re trying to rank your website on Google, this is not required. But if there are other reasons you want it, then that’s up to you as well. But my recommendation for you is to either get the $2.95 per month life plan.

If you’re a local business, I only need one website, but if you need more than that, then pay $5.95 per month and get the Pro Plan and you can then have multiple websites. So now I’m going to choose the Pro Plan for this tutorial to test them out. So for your domain cost with GreenGeeks for a dot com domain, it’s going to set you back $13.95 per year for the domain name and another $9.95 per year for domain privacy, which is very important because it’s going to stop marketers from getting your contact details and messaging you and calling you about their services.

So overall, it’s going to be about $25 per year. This is really expensive and I don’t recommend anyone buy their domain name from a hosting provider. This is what most YouTube is recommend you do in their tutorial. And I just don’t understand. And it really annoys me when I recommend you do instead is to buy all your domain name from a specialist domain name provider like Namecheap. And that’s what I use. So with name change, anything that cost you $8.88 for the dot com domain and it renews at $13 per year.

So it’s only going to cost you half as much as GreenGeeks per year as a domain name. Privacy is provided by Namecheap for free every single year. So it’s a no brainer for me. Go for Namecheap and I have a video description so you can check out how to buy your domain name from Namecheap and connected to your hosting provider. If you’re lazy and have the cash, then go ahead and buy from GreenGeeks.

But if you like me and choose this option now, the last thing with regards to pricing is how long you want to buy your hosting plan for.

So you can see here they have four plans monthly, annually, biannually and triangulates essentially monthly 1 year, 2years and 3 years. And I always recommend you buy for the longest amount of time possible. So in this case is 3 years because it’s going to be cheaper per month. And when it comes time to renew, it’s going to cost more anyway. And generally, once you’ve picked a great hosting provider, not saying that’s GreenGeeks yet, then you tend to stick with them for the long haul anyway.

And GreenGeeks has a 30-day money back guarantee if you do want a refund at the start.

Be mindful that if you buy the domain name from GreenGeeks, they won’t refund you that portion down. The overall pricing score I would give GreenGeeks is a 10 out of 10.

They’re a cheap hosting provider. They use Lightspeed Cache for WordPress on all their plans, which is one of the best and most efficient ways of speeding up your WordPress website. Right now, this technology is not available to many hosting providers yet it is available mostly to more high end services.

So we’re all down to GreenGeeks here for bringing this feature to all their customers at a very affordable price. Another feature I usually deduct on mark for which GreenGeeks provide in this case is the free, not the back backup. This is an important feature that I think every hosting provider should give for free and GreenGeeks does that. So now, with all these features included for you, let’s see how they actually perform and if they are really worth the price to continue watching.

Now, I do my demo and test that for you after purchase setup and ease of use right away from their home page dashboard, you can see that it looks clean and easy to navigate, but there isn’t much there. And not many buttons for you to click or they really use to do is to click on your cPanel and work on your panel back in, just like you’ve always done that and have a fully custom made interface like many other hosting providers.

Now let’s test them out and see how easy it is to install and create your WordPress website.

So from cPanel, we scroll down to WordPress, click on install, choose your domain name, put it in your info and at the bottom, just click on install.

And that’s it, you can see how easy it is to install WordPress, which is generally standard for a cPanel hosting providers.

Now, what about SSL certificate? GreenGeeks does have a unique button here where you can install your SSL. And it’s not just on the panel, say, from your home page. You click on security SSL certificate, click on add SSL significant click on continue to select the free one and now click on Confirm and create.

And that did once again, this was very easy to do and now have had the email address, so from this panel, you just go to your email account, click on create putting your information and click on create again. And that’s it. Your email is being created very simple. Again, you can see that you don’t always need a special custom dashboard. Doing things on cPpanel can be just as easy. Overall, I would score GreenGeeks as seven out of 10 to set up and ease of use.

I really liked a clean user interface with no upsells plastered everywhere and the fact that it is C panel will suit many OG WordPress users. I did take three marks away from them because they don’t have a custom user interface and you can’t really do anything on their dashboard except for activate the SSL certificate and there are no other shortcut buttons or anything there either.

So after I have installed the basic WordPress site, I went ahead and tested at the speed of the barebones website using GT metrics. The result is 0.9 seconds. This is a great start as this speed makes them one of the fastest hosting provider out of the box so far. So now I would take it a step further and add some design elements to it to increase the page size, to be more realistic. And don’t worry if you’re overwhelmed looking at this, of course, that I will provide you for supporting the channel will guide you through this step by step.

I’m going to install some free plug ins to speed out the website WP Fastest Cache, which is for speed and optimization and Short Pixel, which is for image optimization. And lastly, I will install the free CloudFlare app, which will also increase the website performance with their CDN. It will make it more comparable to what you would do in real life. This is now what the new website layout with all the new plugins look like, and the speed is now one point six seconds, which makes them one of the fastest hosting providers I’ve tested so far.

And they easily pass Google’s recommended site load speed of two to three seconds. Now, if I replace WP Fastest cache with Lightspeed Cache plugin, which is recommended by GreenGeeks to be the best free choice. The speed is now 1.4 seconds, which shows another point of a second improvement. And this make GreenGeeks, a super fast hosting provider. Now I’ve also been monitoring the stability performance of GreenGeeks with Uptime Robot and can report that the uptime for the last 30 days is a perfect 100 percent.

In fact, they have not had any downtime for over 95 days in a row, which is very impressive.

Overall, I would write GreenGeek Speed and nap time performance, a ten out of ten.

I cannot fault them on anything here. They have really amazing speeds. One of the best I’ve tested and uptime is solid to so well done to GreenGeeks overall in the performance department.

Here is a quick question for you. What is your current page load speed and who is your Web hosting provider?

Let me know in the comments section below support GreenGeeks provide 24/7 customer support through email and live chat. They also have phone support during normal business hours. Now, I would test them out by asking them these three different questions on live chat. One, I would tell them that I’ve been infected by a virus on my website and asked for their help. Two, I asked him a quick question about their domain name, the costs, and three, I asked him if they could do me a favor and store SSL certificate and CloudFlare for me as I am a complete newbie and have no idea how to do this here.

The results won. The support guy did not really want to help me and tried to make me create a separate support ticket.

But in the end he put it through and I got a reply by email in under 30 minutes helping me with my issue too. It took over 20 minutes for them to respond to me on live chat, which is way too long. But once they did, they were able to tell me all the information I needed immediately. So they did a good job here on support knowledge. And three, they were willing to help and did everything for me right away.

I only took them about 5 minutes, do the whole thing, including both SSL and CloudFlare installation, which I was really happy with with regards to their response time. I contacted them at three different times of the day to make sure I get an overall average and not just the bias fast response time during their off-peak hours. So the 3 times were 14 minutes, 21 minutes and 12 minutes. The average of those three times turned out to be around 16 minute wait, which is definitely way too long for me.

I think the max wait time for any hosting company should be kept under 5 minutes. Overall, I would have to scold GreenGeeks support a six out of 10, I would say green support overall was average at best. It was nothing great, but it wasn’t the worst either. The team was actually knowledgeable, but they had a pretty bad average response time of 16 minutes when compared to other hosting providers.

iPage Hosting Cons

So let me first start off with the cons one. The support staff response time was not good and were not able to provide the level of service compared to other top hosting providers. The next con is their backend dashboard. It does not have any customization or shortcut buttons to help you build your website easier. They pretty much only have one button for you to click on to their cPanel. This feature would have been especially useful for beginners I believe.

iPage Hosting Pros

The first pro that stands out to me is GreenGeeks speed and performance. They have an amazing website speed compared to their price you pay for the service. 1.4 second load speed is really fast for a cheap shared hosting plane. They 95 days straight of no downtime is also amazing in itself. They are very fast and reliable. Hosting provider over the next pro is the fact that GreenGeeks has three different server locations around the world for you to host your website on having servers in United States, Canada and Europe.

This will greatly increase. Your website paid for your visitors if you or your businesses are located outside of the United States. Another great pro is that features they provide the light speed cache compatibility, which means they use the latest technology. They also provide free daily automatic backup feature, which many hosting providers try to charge extras for. And lastly is a pricing and the transparency that I really try to tell you anywhere. And they also have really cheap prices for their shared hosting plans.

This is just a quick note regarding my bonus offer to you. If you decide to pick up GreenGeeks through my link, just send me your receipt [email protected] and I’ll send you back access to my bonus calls recommendation.


Overall, I have given GreenGeeks an average score of 8 out of 10. They are really fast and reliable web hosting provider with great prices. So this is my recommendation to you. If you are a beginner looking for a cheap hosting provider with great speed and uptime and GreenGeeks is a very solid option that I think you should seriously consider. However, if you are more advanced or looking for more features and want more handholding with better support, then I don’t think GreenGeeks is the one for you now.

I think picking the right hosting provider is such a crucial step for your business. So if after watching this review you think GreenGeeks is not the right hosting provider for you, then I recommend you check out this hosting alternative, which I recommend to all my viewers. And if you’re happy with GreenGeeks, then I recommend you watch this next video and I’ll see you in the next tutorials.

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