In this tutorial, I will show you how to buy and install WordPress on Hostgator. Step by step, I will show you which hosting plan you should choose and…


How To Install WordPress On HostGator 2021 [Tutorial: beginners hosting buying & setup guide]

In this tutorial, I will show you how to buy and install WordPress on Hostgator. Step by step, I will show you which hosting plan you should choose and the full buying process. I will also show you how to install WordPress on Hostgator the right way and choosing the correct settings. At the end of this video, I would give you a very special offer if you decide to pick up post through my link below. I will give you my six figure blog because for free as a bonus and just a way of saying thank you for supporting my channel.

Now let’s get started. Click on the link and a description of type this into your browser. It will take you to my special Hostgator guided discussion page, where you will get the best discount Hostgator currently offering. And if you put in the promo code dot com dollar at the checkout page, you’ll get an extra discount to, even though in this video I’m going to show you how to buy and store their shared hosting plan. I just wanted to let you know that Hostgator also has a dedicated hosting and VPS hosting.

So when you’re ready for an upgrade for your business, you know that Hostgator can provide for you. Now click on Get Started. And you can see here, Hostgator has three different plans. The hatching plan is their cheapest plan and only allows you to have one website. So if you want more websites, you’ll definitely need the baby plan or the business plan. So what you get from the business plan over the baby plan is that you get a dedicated IP address.

So for this and you don’t need it for a shared hosting account and they don’t offer any other value for their business plan. So if I was you and I only need one Web site, I would definitely take the hatcheting plan. If I need multiple Web sites, then I would go for the baby plan. That business plan is not worth the extra money, in my opinion, for.

So now I’m going to click on Buy now on the hatchling plan for this tutorial. Now we come to the domain section.

You can type in a domain that you want and choose dot com. I always recommend you go with the dot com domain as it is the most trusted domain type by anyone coming to your website. So here’s a problem that I have with buying domain names from hosting providers like Hostgator. Other YouTuber is don’t tell you this, and it really annoys me. So I’m just going to be honest and upfront with you and go through it right now. I really don’t recommend you buy your domain name from any hosting provider.

It’s better to choose a dedicated domain name provider for this right now, even though Hostgator offers you the first year free for their domain name, they will still charge you $14.95 for their domain privacy, which is a must have for me as I don’t want market is messaging me and emailing me all day, offering their services. And every year after that Hostgator is going to charge you seventeen point ninety nine for the domain name Renew and also the $14.95 for their domain privacy renewal.

So the total is going to be around $33 every single year, which is ridiculous to me. What I recommend you do instead is buy all your domain names from I use them for all my domains and you can get your domain name for under $9. It’s actually $8.88 to be exact. And you get domain privacy included here for free. And when it comes time to renew, it will only cost you $12.98.

This is almost three times cheaper than Hostgator or any other hosting provider. So it’s a no brainer and this is what I recommend you do. And if you need help getting your domain name from name cheap, then you can check out this video here where I guide you through the process step by step if you want convenient. And you’re sure with Hostgator for the long term and go ahead and purchase it with them. But if you want the cheapest option, then do what I recommend with Namecheap.

Anyway, for me, I have a domain name already, so I’m going to click. I already have my own domain and I’m going to put that in. And now we can scroll down to the next section, which is the hosting playing Hostgator that comes with 6 different payment plans, but you can clearly see it’s not worth doing anything under 12 months as the monthly cost is just too high and doesn’t make sense. Obviously, the longer the deal, the cheaper it’s going to get for you.

So generally, I would always suggest you buy the 36-month plan as you get the cheapest price and you should have no reason to leave a hosting provider once you are happy and want to proceed with them. But if you’re not, then you at least know Hostgator has a 45-day money back guarantee so you can get a full refund if you’re not happy with them. But I also want to let you know one thing. If you decide to take up the offer of the free domain name, when you decide to refund, they will still charge you for the domain name as this cannot be refunded.

So just be careful on that one. So select the 36-month and now you’re entering your payment details and come down to additional services. And here they preselect the site, log and site back up for both of these are not required as you can install free plug ins and configure them to do the exact same thing is what hosken is offering at two dollars a month each. So I’m going to untick that and I recommend you do the same and then we can come down to the bottom part.

And here in the coupon box, if you type in dot com dollar and click on Validate, it is going to give you an extra discount for your plan with Hostgator. So that’s a good little bonus to have. And you can see it comes out to $98.83 for 36- months of hosting. And that is really cheap and a really good deal to get started on. So once you’re happy with that, you come down and you agree with their terms of service and then you click on checkout.

Now, once your purchase is confirmed, you will receive these two emails here. The first one is just confirming your order with the receipt. And the second email has all your information here. You can log into your dashboard by clicking here or you can even log in to control panel from here and your email and password is provided. And also now your name server is given here as well. And this is what you need to connect to your Namecheap account, which I’m going to show you how to do now.

So recopy these, go to your Namecheap account. And now we select the domain that we want to create the website on.Click on Manage. And now under the name service, we are going to click on it and click on Custom DNS. Now in the name server one, we want to put this in and in the name server two. We want to copy this and put it in here and once we’re done, you want to click save here.

And once that’s done, you can see here it says it may take up to 48 hours for this to take effect, but normally this takes less than an hour. So just come back in a little while and check it. And now if I type in my website into a browser, you will see this is the screen that shows up.

This means that my site has now been ported over to Hostgator and it took less than an hour for this. Now, the next step is to actually install our WordPress website.

So we go back to our dashboard on Hostgator, then click on Manage Package and we scroll down to the bottom here and click on one click install. This will be the quickest and easiest way to install your WordPress website.

So now we click on WordPress.

We choose our Namecheap Domain that we previously connected it to click on next.

And now we feel that this information.

And once you’ve done that, click on the terms of service agreement and then click on install, and now we can see here our installation is complete and they have an up sell for you.

I suggest you don’t pick any of these as it’s not required. And now you need to go and check your email as Hostgator would have sent you a confirmation email and password. So there is my username and password. So I’m going to copy and paste them into here.

And I suggest you immediately change your password once you are logged in.

Now, click login. OK, now you can see we had logged into our WordPress. They can maybe click on visit site and open it up. And now if I open my site now you can see that it is being updated with a new interface after installing WordPress successfully. And you can log back in whenever you want. The next step is to make sure that our website is secure. You can see here our website is currently not secured, so we need to install an SSL certificate and make sure it’s secured and safe.

So what do you do next is go back to your dashboard, go to your settings and click on General and you see these two boxes. You need to add an S after the P. Go down the bottom click on Save Changes and now your website shows the lock, which means your connection is secured and your website is safe. However, if this is still not working, then the last thing you would do is go back to your house, get a dashboard and click on SSL management and you would simply just turn this on.

But it’s on right now, so it should be working. Just a quick note on my bonus for you. If you decide to pick up post through my link, just send me your full receipt, two [email protected] and I’ll give you access to my course right away. It’s that simple. Now, they have successfully installed WordPress to your Hostgator Ghader hosting a can. You are actually ready to go out and fully build out your WordPress website.

And this video will help you do just that. So check it out and I’ll see you in that next video.


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