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7 Best Autoresponders For Affiliate Marketing 2021: Email Software …

If you are looking for the best autoresponder for your affiliate marketing business, you came to the right place. 

In this article, I rounded up only the best and safest autoresponders for you. 

If you are here because you had a horrible experience with some autoresponders in the past, causing you to lose all of your emails and contacts, I feel you. A catastrophe like this can happen to the best of us.

If you are new to autoresponders, then you should probably know that you need to be careful when choosing the right tool. 

Choosing the WRONG software is one of the worst things that could happen to your business. There is a high chance of:

  • Losing all of your email copies
  • Wasting a lot of time that you could have better spent on something else
  • Losing your best and most effective email marketing sequences
  • Losing all your best leads and contacts

It would be a major setback when this happens. Don’t lose hope, however. The best autoresponder for affiliate marketing is just around the corner. 

It is not really the end of the world. Fortunately for us, who already experienced using the wrong autoresponder, we know what to do to avoid a repeat of another disaster. 

If you have an affiliate marketing business, here are some of the email autoresponders you should avoid if you don’t want to experience a major set back.

Email Providers and Autoresponders You Should Avoid as an Affiliate

These autoresponders should be avoided at all costs. They are not exactly affiliate-friendly, which means you could be banned without warning and lose everything in a snap.

I am not saying that these autoresponders are entirely bad. In fact, some of them offer the best services and prices. However, they are not affiliate-friendly which really wouldn’t be a good fit for you. 


I know a lot of people who have been banned from this site without warning. Apparently, you’re now allowed to send affiliate offers using the platform. If you don’t know about it, you can get banned. 

It means all the time and effort you spent building your list, campaigns, and everything you spent hours on is gone in an instant. Worse, there is no way of getting them back. Trust me, I tried. 

Constant Contact

Constant Contact focuses on small to medium-sized business and preferably e-commerce. This makes it less suitable for affiliate marketing. With that being said, it wouldn’t help your business, and if anything, it’s a big mistake to even think about this service if you are an affiliate marketer.


For the record, ActiveCampgin is an excellent email marketing solution and autoresponder and could be one of the most powerful. It’s just not for affiliate marketing.

Sending affiliate offers with this service can get you banned when you least expect it. There might be some kind of workaround with this software, but I think and I strongly suggest to just stay away from it, since there are a lot more autoresponders out there.

This might be a fantastic piece of software, but the risk of losing all your hard work is never going to be worth the time and effort you invested. What’s the point of building your most effective email sequences and contacts when you’re just going to lose them? 


Moving on, this is a cheap email marketing software that might get your attention because of its price. However, it is not affiliate-friendly. 

Now that you know which software to avoid, let’s move on to the best autoresponder picks for affiliate marketing.

Compare the Best Auto Responder For Affiliate Marketing
Rank Products Feature Website
Best Overall

Quality Tools

Decent affiliate programs

Easy to use

Best New Platform


Easy to use

Effective Template

Best for Automated

All-in-one website builder with onboard plugins

30 different marketing tools

Built-in SSL support for each website you build

Best for Building

Best for building funnels

Powerful software

Over 100,000 users

Best Website Builder

Super easy to set up

Comes with pro themes and a course playerr

Compatible with Android and iOS app

Best for Small Business

Great for solo entrepreneurs

Effective funnels

Excellent tools

Best for eCommerce

Easy to use


Free SSL certificate

Best Analytics

Best integrations

Mobile payments

Discount URL

Focused Goal

Grow your ROI

Create pages on mobile

Fast funnel building

Best for WordPress

50+ widgets

Great theme builder

Visual form builder

Best for Influencers

Custom pricing plan

Easy to use

Excellent customer service

Cheapest Option



Great for small businesses

Best Online Shopping

Easy to use



Best for Bloggers

Great for WordPress

Easy to use

Effective funnels and marketing campaigns

Worthy Mention

Easy to use



What is the Best Autoresponder for Affiliate Marketing?

1. GetResponse


GetResponse is one of the best autoresponders that also happens to be affiliate-marketing-friendly. It deserves to be on top of the list for several reasons. 

First of all, this email service comes with more features for digital marketing such as a landing page builder, marketing automation, conversion funnel creator, and more. 

With this platform, you can get over 1 million leads a month. You can also engage with your customers and potential clients where it counts the most. This powerful software sends over 700 million emails in a week! This is pretty impressive, and clear evidence of how powerful their technology is. 

The best thing about this software is that it is flexible and you can customize each tool to fit your business and what industry you are in. 

Who is it for?

This software is for any type of business, whether you sell digital or physical products or offer services.



2. Actionetics (ClickFunnels Autoresponder)


This next option is very easy to use. All you need to do is create a list, build a follow-up funnel, create emails within the editor, and wait for subscribers to come in.

It is a great affiliate-friendly choice within one of the best funnel builder software. 

Who is it for?

This autoresponder is for ClickFunnel users. Since you are already using ClickFunnels and paying for the software, there is no reason to pay for a different automated email responder.



3. ConvertKit


This option is the best choice for creatives and bloggers. Most of ConvertKit users are hobby bloggers that found their niche through the autoresponder.  All they want to do was to share their works and did not expect a large following. 

With ConvertKit, you can turn your side hustle into a full-time career. Because it is so effective, sharing your expert ideas has a chance to be monetized. 

As a creator, you can share all your ideas easily by creating signup forms and landing pages. With your ideas and design, you will get more subscribers in no time.

After getting subscribers, you can now send follow-up emails, and build trust by writing valuable emails that will showcase your expertise and how your products can solve a recipient’s problem. 

Finally, with the use of automated email sequences, your subscribers will know about your products. They will become interested and then pay for your products and services. 

Who is it for?

This autoresponder is for creatives, bloggers, and experts.




SendLane has been around for a while now. It is proven to be the most flexible email marketing software since it has been there for most business models in the past up to this day. 

This option focuses on every potential customer and their email sequences and templates that aim to help eCommerce stores.

It uses unique email templates that have an 87% better open rate than the traditional newsletter. It tailors each email to brand personality using a friendly tone to build rapport and to start a relationship with potential clients. 

Who is it for?

This software is an excellent choice for any eCommerce business that wants to gain more clients through email marketing, a marketing channel that can produce more than 40% of your paying clients.




Drip is a budget-friendly option that allows you to use all the features as long as your subscriber list is below 1000. It offers a reliable customer relationship management platform. 

Aside from all of its built-in features, this option provides integration with other services such as Zapier, Stripe, Shopify, and more. 

Who is it for?

This affordable option is for people on a budget looking for a small scale autoresponder for their small business.




This platform is one of the easiest to use. It is a powerful email marketing platform that is designed for small businesses. 

It allows you to use its smart designer for creating pages, emails, and more. With its smart AI technology, it automatically builds fantastic branded email templates in literally seconds. 

Aside from the AI designer, it also has a powerful drag-and-drop landing page designer where you can create stunning pages without writing a line of code (1). 

Using its campaign automation, you can send affiliate emails. If you are not much of a marketing copywriter, AWeber allows you to import pre-built campaigns to your account to accelerate using automation. 

Who is it for?

This software may be easy to use, but it is not just for beginners. It is for anyone who needs affiliate-friendly email marketing and autoresponder software to convert prospects into subscribers and customers.




Kartra Mail is part of Kartra, which is a complete all-in-one digital marketing solution. The reason I included this option on the list is that I am a big fan of Kartra and its features as a whole.

Kartra Mail, however, is one of the sharpest tools in Kartra’s shed. It provides automated email funnels that are an effective tool for generating leads, and a CRM for building a strong relationship with a series of automated emails. 

Since Kartra Mail is one of its strongest suits, a lot of people switched to Kartra just for this tool. Most of the people who ever had the pleasure of using Kartra and Kartra Mail is satisfied with its overall features. 

Who is it for?

Since Kartra is really easy to use, and it provides tons of tools for online marketing, it is a great option for solo entrepreneurs. It is for people who have not hired a team yet. However, with Kartra and Kartra Mail, you can take care of the operations without any help depending on the scale of your business.



How to Choose the Best Autoresponder for Affiliate Marketing

Before choosing the best email marketing software for affiliate marketing, you will have to determine what you need and to find out what type of service will address that need. Start by defining your business and end with an educated decision. 

Step #1: Define your business

Are you running a blog or an eCommerce store? Do you want to create and sell courses? Or, are you offering services as a freelancer or contractor? Knowing what industry you are in will allow you to choose the right service with the right type of templates that are suitable and relevant to your business. 

Step #2: Determine your products

Now that you have a better and clearer definition of what your business is all about, it is time to ask yourself about the product. 

As an eCommerce store owner, for example, you’ll probably sell tools and other items by retail or wholesale. As a freelancer, you can either be a writer or music producer and sell your intangible services.  

Step #3: Assess your monthly budget

Make sure the autoresponder service you sign up for is within your budget. You may need to pay monthly and annually for the subscription, so the cost should be included in your overheads. Fortunately, there are a lot of affordable options to choose from.

Step #4: Try FREE options and Trials

Most of these options will most likely offer a free trial period, something you should always take advantage of, especially if you want to experience a specific software first-hand without paying or to be obligated to sign up for a monthly or yearly contract. 

You can always use one for two weeks, and use another platform for the next two weeks so you can try them all. 

Step #5: Find the software you feel comfortable using

Choose a platform that is the most comfortable to navigate and understand. This is especially true if you plan to use it yourself rather than hire someone else to handle email marketing. 

Most options are highly similar in more ways than not, so make sure you choose based on user-friendliness and whether it suits your business and purpose.

Factors to Consider When Choosing the Best Autoresponder for Affiliate Marketing


The autoresponder should have an intuitive and easy to use interface. Being easy to use, means you can maximize its functionalities to create effective email campaigns and execute your plans smoothly. 

Good Deliverability 

One of the main reasons for using an autoresponder is to deliver messages effectively to convert prospects into paying customers.

Without good deliverability, creating a successful email campaign would not really be possible. As an affiliate marketer, deliverability is always a high priority on the list.  

Marketing Automation

Marketing automation is another essential factor. You can create automatic sequences that you can set off to generate consistent sales.

Using automation will save you a lot of time and money from hiring help. It will also help you increase the chance of conversions, and would mean you can get higher commissions. 

Includes Templates

Some options will include professionally-made email templates that would help you generate leads and eventually gain customers without writing an email from scratch. The best email service should have templates with an option to customize and tailor them according to your business’ needs. 

Provides Support

A good software provider should always be there to provide support to their customers when needed. It is inevitable for services like these to crash every once and a while, so they should have a support team to get the platform back online before it affects your business. 

They should also be available to answer your concerns as soon as possible, whether you are a customer or not. This characteristic shows that the software is well supported. 

Good Pricing

Just because a service is expensive, does not always mean it is the best. The same goes for cheap software as well. 

Make sure that the price of the software is reasonable and suitable for its performance, features and functionalities. This is the best time to sign up for free trial periods to check out each of the choices thoroughly before you sign up for a paid subscription. 

Has a Long Trial Period 

Most services offer a 14-day free trial period which is probably enough time to determine if you want the software or not. A 7-day trial period is good enough, but anything below this does not provide you with enough time to explore every nook and cranny of the software.

Conclusion: Which Autoresponder is the Best?

The best autoresponder will depend on how much it will benefit your company or small business. If you decide to go with the software that you are comfortable using, and notice how it helps your business gain customers and clients consistently, then you hit the jackpot.

In my case, I chose GetResponse as my number one choice. I feel that this email service is really tailored to my business. After losing all my data before, I became extra careful with the software I choose. 

Here is a list of the best funnel building software in case you need a more complete solution for your business after choosing one of these options.


An autoresponder is an electronic newsletter that is sent automatically to your prospects and subscribers. These automatic messages are sent based on certain triggers. They intend to convert prospects into paying customers using strategic sequences.  I am pretty sure you have received an email like this at least once.

Yes, there are some free autoresponders for affiliate marketing. However, they are somewhat limited in terms of contact lists and emails sent per month, which is why I did not include any free autoresponders on this list.

GetResponse is a bulk email service that is affiliate marketing friendly, which is why it is at the top of the list. 


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