Amazon has established its reputation and might in eCommerce. It is almost synonymous with online trade, and now, more than ever, it has become a household name.

7 Best Amazon FBA Courses in 2022: Reviewed By Actual Seller

  • Updated August 21, 2022
  • Updated August 21, 2022

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Amazon has established its reputation and might in eCommerce. It is almost synonymous with online trade, and now, more than ever, it has become a household name.

If you need something, look on Amazon.

As the biggest, trusted, and most practical to list your products, you must learn about what Amazon can do for you. This will help you maximize your full potential, let you grow as a merchant, and help you expand your business.

Despite being members of several trading platforms, almost all sellers prioritize their product listings on Amazon. With over 2.5 million active sellers and more than 12 million products, Amazon can unleash the biggest selling opportunity for you.

With so much competition, sellers need to explore and adapt different marketing strategies in order to up their game — adding a blog, extending their social media presence. Of course, knowing the best tools to use and equipping yourself with the ins and outs of Amazon can play a major role in your business’ success. One of the services that you need to invest time in learning is FBA or Fulfillment by Amazon.

FBA makes a seller’s life easier. For a certain cut, you can store your products in Amazon’s fulfillment centers, and the pick-up, packing, distribution, and shipping are all done for you, including customer support as well.

The good news is, you can learn more about FBA and maximize it as a seller’s tool thanks to the availability of different FBA courses online.

Criteria for FBA Courses

Signing up for Amazon FBA allows you to focus on building your brand to help your business grow. 

If you are interested in taking FBA courses, then be a smart shopper and look for the best ones that the market has to offer. Do not settle for whatever is available. You have to make sure that the courses you invest in are worth your money, time, and effort and that it will really help you discover ways to be better in your chosen industry.

Do your homework. Make sure that your FBA courses meet the following criteria and more.

Trusted Instructor Understanding and Reputation – Find out who will teach your class. This may sound like you are having trust issues because back in college, you don’t really find out ahead of time who your instructors are because industry reputation is given. Still, in the world of online learning, it is rather different.

Your instructor may be an expert in the theoretical part but do they have the experience and the knowledge to successfully and strategically implement what they are teaching?

If they do, it is worth considering them.

Transparent Curriculum and Course Outline – what are you expected to learn by the end of the course, and is the course something you can apply and understand as a beginner in the industry?

Your tentative course should have an objective, and by the end of it, the expectation is that you have gained a skill or two in Amazon’s FBA. The syllabus should give you a good idea if the course is well-suited for you.

The format should be understandable and organized.

Use of Updated Information and Strategies – with the demands of eCommerce changing very fast, the strategies of six weeks ago may no longer be as effective today or four weeks from now.

Your course must be updated with the current market, specifically the Amazon marketplace.

If you plan on a long inning in eCommerce and on Amazon, you should know their rules and play by them. You need to be updated on trends and know how to interpret analytics.

Succeeding on Amazon means that you need to be up to date on the current trends and changing your strategy as needed. With all of these in mind, look for an online course updated with the current and relevant data where you can learn strategies that can be applied ASAP with positive yields.

Existence of Real Marketing Examples – online courses take several weeks, and you need to make the most of this time by learning concepts, principles, methodologies, and strategies. Still, a large percentage of the syllabus should include real-world examples to help you learn and understand better.

A good FBA course should give you applicable examples, complete with practical demonstrations. Stay away from courses that are structured in an ideal setting. Instead, look for courses based on the actual experiences and best practices of someone really involved on the platform.

Presence of Community Support – for Amazon sellers, even if you have taken several courses already, there is no continued education or a follow-through course. You can only enroll in another course or one related to your previous course.

With this, go for an Amazon FBA course that already has an existing community where ideas can be shared, common seller issues are discussed, and moral support is generously provided along with troubleshooting tips.

You will be amazed at how much discovery you will get from these communities, all gathered and learned through experience.

Worth the Price – learning can be pretty expensive, so find an excellent and competitive course whose price tag won’t cause you to file for bankruptcy.

There are many quality courses where the content is something you can really use without breaking your bank account. 

Online Amazon FBA courses come with different price tags. There are even some being offered for free. Note that the price is not a reliable indicator of the course’s quality. You can work on a limited budget and still get into a class that will meet your needs and even exceed your expectations.

If you discover a course that meets this, aka buying a guide for you, then you are on the right track. Create a list of your potential courses and do a more in-depth exploration.

To make things easier for you because being a seller is a 24/7 job, below are just some of the Amazon FBA courses you can include on your list. Rest assured that these recommendations have all passed the above criteria and more.

The 7 Best Amazon FBA Courses

The following courses compile the best of the syllabus along with a plethora of real-life examples to teach you everything you will ever need – at least for the time being – when you need it. These courses will equip you with all the essential skills while strengthening your basic principles.

FBA Course Number of Modules 1-on-1 Mentoring or Coaching Calls Support Community Price
Amazing Selling Machine 9 Yes Yes $4,997
Market Superheroes 12 No Yes $997
Just One Dime 5 Yes Yes $1,997
Steps To Success 8 Yes Yes No price listed
Blue Sky Amazon 14 Yes Yes $4,000
Amazon FBA Ninja 8 Yes Yes $1,997
FBA Sales Accelerator 9 Yes but with extra fee Yes $497
Rank FBA Course Name
Coaching Features

Amazing Selling Machine
Best for entrepreneur beginners

  • Up to date material and recommendation
  • Comes with ASM Private Support Community
  • Simple and user-friendly dashboard

Steps to Success
Best for creating a global Amazon FBA business

  • Private mentoring by Sohrab (Rob) Izad
  • 24/7 live consultation support
  • Well-organized course outline

Just One Dime
Best for building a solid business foundation

  • Dripped release modules
  • One-on-one coaching methodology
  • Available in English and Spanish

Blue Sky Amazon
Best for gaining intensive experience on Amazon FBA

  • Course based on personal experience
  • Incorporates importance or proper mindset
  • Private mentoring sessions

Amazon FBA Ninja
Best for beginners with zero experience

  • Lifetime access to video resources
  • Ninja Black Belts
  • Learn at your own pace

FBA Sales Accelerator
Best for those who want to challenge their problem solving skills

  • Integrated with Boost Rooster Tool
  • Gives importance to PPC campaigns
  • Activities are designed to give hands on experience

Market Superheroes
Best for levelling up to the next level through PPC traffic and review

  • Rule of 5 formula
  • Access to 100+ video resources
  • Well-structured step-by-step course

Enroll for any of these, and you are off to a good start.

1. Amazing Selling Machine

Best for: entrepreneur beginners 

Most students who graduated from this course are already reaping their investment of $4,997 which is the course price by earning six, seven, and even eight-figure incomes on Amazon alone. 

This course is targeted towards entrepreneur beginners, both in the US and international countries who want a more in-depth involvement in Amazon FBA Private Label selling.

Amazing Selling Machine more widely known as ASM was founded by Jason Katzenbak and Matt Clark in 2012, and it centers on the private labeling methodology. This process is proven to let you earn more successful sales on Amazon. Private labeling has proven to be one of the best ways for you to join the ranks of million-dollar sellers.

What’s amazing about ASM is it has an established support community, so you can readily get support from other entrepreneurs who have completed the program. This community shares best practices and tweaks based on the original course outline, so it becomes a live extension of the course. 

If you want to have access to modules that teach you how to build your own private brand on Amazon, this is the course you need. It is highly recommended for advanced sellers. Business owners who are serious about harnessing the full power of Amazon FBA will see this is a well-intentioned investment. Both US and international merchants can sign up for this course.

This course takes 8 weeks. Besides the training module, it also includes coaching calls, a private mentorship program, and an exclusive resource pit, all intended to train new sellers on how to establish and eventually expand a successful and steady Amazon FBA business. 

You get to learn the best practices in the business especially in product research and selection, as well as how to properly evaluate your potential suppliers and maintain your procurement inventory. The course will build your confidence as you launch new products in the market, advertise, and gain momentum in traffic, and slowly but surely establish your brand.

Amazing Selling Machine Notable Features

Although the ASM has a steep price tag, you really get what you pay for and more with this course because the content is well structured, you get community support, and there is more depth in the overall outline. It is one of the best investments you will ever make. It is a course that will spoon-feed you with all the steps that you need to be successful.

  • Simple to navigate with a clean design dashboard
  • It has its own ASM Private Support Community
  • Includes an ASM Private Mentorship Program
  • Recommendations are up to date, and 100% confirmed
  • It is quite expensive 

2. Marketplace Superheroes

Best for: creating a global Amazon FBA business.

It is strategically divided into 2 phases, with Phase 1 containing 6 modules and 45 videos, and is focused on Mindset and Research. Phase 2 comprises 6 modules and 51 videos and is centered on Importing and Logistics.

Two of the criteria of an excellent Amazon FBA course are Trusted Instructor Understanding and Reputation paired with the Existence of Real Marketing Examples. You can get these ticked off from your checklist and even more because this is also one of the most affordable courses with excellent content. 

The course will give you a broader understanding of how to explore everyday products that will always be in demand in the market. You will also learn more about the main strategies associated with Product Selection and International Expansion.

It also aims to help you establish solid and consistent monthly revenue. Marketplace Superheroes refer to this as the Rule of 5 formula where you need to invest in five products that are sure to sell every day and for that you need to find what to sell on Amazon. These expected and consistent sales each day will quickly add up, providing you a reliable monthly income.

You can avail of Marketplace Superheroes for $997. What’s best is they give you a 7-day free trial, which can seal the deal for you. If you want more of the first week’s learning, then you can pay upfront or in easy installments of $97 for 12 months. 

Best for all-around entreps, this is best for those who want to create a global Amazon FBA business.

Marketplace Superheroes Notable Features

If you are a big dreamer then be part of the Marketplace Superheroes community. With its affordable but high-quality content, this course is the best step you can take to be closer to your dreams.It embraces a different approach compared to most FBA courses because it encourages you to find boring and simple products and not go with the bandwagon. With the simple reasoning that there are thousands of these boring and simple merchandise and competition is low. You’ll be surprised with how this course can make you associate boring and simple to millions of revenue.

  • You learn how to create a solid global business
  • All sourcing tools are included in the course
  • Unlimited access to the Marketplace Superheroes University
  • It is an affordable Amazon FBA course
  • No one to one mentoring involved

3. Just One Dime

Best for: building a solid business foundation.

Amazon FBA Mastery course by Just One Dime is the brainchild of Seth Kniep, who quit his day job and started selling on Amazon.

As the name suggests, as an Amazon entrepreneur, Kniep turned one dime into a whopping $1,347,318. 

This is meant to help budding entreps who want to build a solid business foundation.

The Amazon FBA Mastery aims to teach you about the most basic details of private labels with Amazon’s FBA. This is highly recommended for beginners who want to be more confident in the selling industry.

Course content is available in both English and Spanish with subtitles, to cater to both audiences.

The learning approach of this course is practical but methodical. The course is divided into modules and is drip released. Not all modules are open on the first day, so you have enough time to take it all in. Sometimes, seeing all the modules can be overwhelming, and instead of actually processing the information, you end up binge-watching to mark a module done.

The real selling point of this FBA course is you get three sessions of one-on-one private mentoring. This is a real winner because you can talk and exchange ideas with an actual Amazon expert. You can supplement the principles and strategies by having real conversations with a living person.

If private coaching is not enough, you also get five hours of weekly live coaching. Every day, one of the Subject Matter Experts (SME) will go live for 60 minutes and discuss a particular topic, and a Q&A session is part of the live stream. You will really feel like you are a student with this course’s learning set-up.

With guidance on choosing your suppliers and having access to a private Facebook Community, your one-time purchase price of $3,997 is worth it.

Just One Dime Notable Features

Knowledge is indeed power because everything you will ever need as an Amazon entrepreneur – you can learn from this course. Noteworthy of this course is the content and it being released one at a time. You can breathe and not be overwhelmed with all the information making it a conducive and more effective learning approach. 

Also, everyone loves a freebie and this course gives a lot of bonuses that you cannot resist.

  • Five hours of weekly coaching
  • Three sessions of live one-on-one mentoring
  • Modules are dripped released
  • It is a step by step systematic learning system
  • The price tag is a little steep, especially for a one time purchase

4. Steps to Success

Best for: gaining intensive experience on Amazon FBA 

Steps to Success Course by Sohrab (Rob) Izad is the truth of Izad. He is the self-made millionaire who, with just a mere $3,000, is now an entrepreneur earning 7-digits by maximizing the full power of Amazon FBA.

With a reputation and personal experience to boost, Steps to Success is one of the coaching and mentorship programs that folks who are keen on running their own fruitful Amazon FBA should enroll in. It will not just help you find profitable products, but you will also learn how to properly source them and eventually be on Amazon’s first page. 

This is the guidance you need if you want to attain true success. The course itself has garnered a positive and solid reputation due to its systematic and step by step approach. You will learn more about product research, finding the right suppliers, building and ranking your listing and portfolio, and scaling.

The content itself has been reviewed, maintained, and validated by Amazon sellers who have real hand experience in eCommerce.

During the course, you also get exclusive mentoring from Rob himself, and you can feel his sincere readiness to help you and give you more confidence in your business. This alone is invaluable.

Apart from Rob, there are other SMEs that you can get guidance from, plus a 24/7 live consultation through the brand’s Proprietary System. Plus an exclusive community of other Steps to Success graduates.

This course is meant for those who already have intensive experience on Amazon FBA but want to continue learning further.

Steps to Success Notable Features

Being guided by an expert himself is such a small price to pay for this course. Being motivated by a team of experts and having a strong community that supports you as you go through this course is one smart investment for you. Having a clear direction and being provided with key insights can help you survive and be successful in Amazon’s FBA.

  • Actual and exclusive mentoring and training from Sohrab Izad
  • Additional support via a 24/7 live consultation
  • Organized course outline
  • The main goal is for every student to become part of the top 50% of Amazon sellers
  • None at this time

5. Blue Sky Amazon

Best for: beginners with zero experience. 

Everyone knows Sophie Howard, and her presence and reputation are top-notch. She is one of the most popular mentors in the eCommerce industry today. As an Amazon seller herself, her primary goal is to guide you, especially if you want to make money and lots of it through trade.

Don’t be misled, though, that everything is about making money. The course will also teach you how to get that positive and correct mindset that is as vital to your business’s success.  

Branding is one of the main focuses of the Blue Sky Amazon series, and this is what puts it ahead of the rest of the FBA courses. Sophie is generous enough to share her full-proof strategy, which she used herself to achieve and sustain her business. This strategy is almost impossible to be copied by other sellers. Competing with your choice of products after this course will also be a tough one for other sellers.

Promoting your product up to the point of hiring your own virtual assistants are covered in this course. Blue Sky Amazon is meant for beginners who need help in starting a new business. They receive end-to-end learning experience with Sophie providing you the guidance and motivation you need along the way.

Blue Sky Amazon Notable Features

A course with an author of repute and one who has herself experienced the highs and the lows can be your best chance of being on top of the eCommerce world. As they say, experience is the best teacher and this teacher has been there and done that.

  • Proven strategies from Sophie’s personal experience
  • One-stop training course perfect for entrepreneurs of all levels
  • Modules include developing the correct mindset to business projection
  • It is costly at almost $3,500, and even if you pay it in 4 monthly installments, it is still steep at $995

6. Amazon FBA Ninja

Best for: Those who want to challenge their problem solving skills.

Kevin David’s – Amazon FBA Ninja – with a course duration of 10 hours and 19 minutes, will give you the opportunity to learn most of the techniques and information that you need to kick start your Amazon businesses. With lifetime access after your initial payment, you can continuously upskill yourself to the level you want.

Be a ninja and boost your confidence when choosing your products while learning the ins and outs of discovering suppliers to help you establish your private brand. By the end of the course, expect your topline income to be multiplied with added brands and your own network. 

With eight modules to tackle supported by over 100 step by step videos, you will need to pay $3,997. You can also get it for half the price if purchased online. From here, you can access and be part of the exclusive Ninja Black Belts group on Facebook for additional hacks and updates.

This course is best for entreps who like to develop and continuously challenge their problem solving skills.

Amazon FBA Ninja Notable Features

This is a good course, to begin with, to create a foundation, and you can better understand how strategies and techniques should evolve. Aside from the actual knowledge you will learn about FBA, you will also learn an important life lesson which is to find ways to keep yourself motivated.

  • Unique and tested marketing strategies
  • Exclusive community support, aka the Ninja Black Belts
  • Lifetime access to the videos and guides
  • Outdated course content information from 2017

7. FBA Sales Accelerator

Best for: Levelling up to the next level through PPC traffic and review.

Ryan Rigney founded this training program in 2017. It is categorized into 7 different modules and comes integrated with a Boost Rooster tool.

Boost Rooster falls under a campaign management tool so that you can incorporate advertising mediums like ManyChat and Facebook. Additionally, Ryan and the content team also understand that driving traffic to your product in Amazon through PPC campaigns can significantly impact your business. Hence, the course also includes product listing optimization for improved mobile conversion. 

As Ryan explains in every module, you will learn to be analytical and detail-oriented. Learning is both in video format and written form and you are also exposed to the opportunity of working with Instagram influencers to help boost your profits. 

For $497, this is great supplementary training for those who are actually on Amazon and a relevant course if you are looking for newer ways to generate money from your existing brand and products.

Targeted towards Amazon FBA entreps, this course is for those who want to level up to the next level through PPC traffic and review.

FBA Sales Accelerator Noteworthy Features

The course can be your gateway to more success and that will be courtesy of traffic and PPC campaigns. This course will help you think outside the bigger box and be better in your decision-making and strategic skills. The course will also stimulate your problem solving capabilities and consider solutions that are unconventional.

  • Learn how to increase your profit through social ads
  • Integrated with the Boost Rooster tool
  • Course content is outdated. It has the same information since 2018.


Take every opportunity you get to learn to be better in your eCommerce business. You might not immediately use and apply what you have learned. Still, banking on the many techniques and strategies can help you be more confident with the ever-changing demands, dynamics, and pressure that comes with being an Amazon seller.

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